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This dear little Inca dove always reminds me of total innocence. According to Webster it means: Innocence means you've done nothing wrong. You've broken no laws, committed no sins, and are not...

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After The Bath

This dark-eyed junco spent the winter with us and one day when the sun came out I caught him taking a bath. I love watching birds take a bath. They take such joy in the process and I find most...

link to Flute Tree

Flute Tree

I have been wanting a flute stand for a while now that I have four flutes. They have been laying around on the desk, table, pile of books and wherever I put them down once I've finished...

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Walking on the trail I could hear them before I saw them. They were always anxious to talk and play and even walk with me a while. Very social but few people saw or heard them and they had...