A Todos Santos Kind Of Day

A Todos Santos Kind Of Day

Today was a Todos Santos kind of day.

Sleep in, wander into town (about 6 blocks) and found a place for breakfast.

Actually, we went to the same place that we had been to before as it was so good.

I keep forgetting to mention that half of the restaurant has a dirt floor and we’ve watched them clean it by pouring buckets of water over it which keeps down the dust. Very practical.

Got to know the owner a little better and he was asking Rob about coming up to work in the offseason here.

Seems like with all that is happening in the US that tourism has been down and that is probably why we are seeing mainly Canadian’s here.

We wandered up and down all the streets in town and saw some fabulous artwork in all shapes and forms from pottery to metal sculptures and everything in between.

Sauntering back to our abode we were only accosted on the street once.

Walking by a restaurant, two gentlemen jumped off their stools and proceeded to tell us exactly what they were serving today and how good it was.

When we told them we just had breakfast, no matter, we could eat again.

I kept walking… Rob kept talking. 🙂

Northern Mockingbird
Northern Mockingbird

Passing by a laundromat that we saw, Rob came home packed up all his clothes and took them down to them.

They had them finished by this evening all nicely folded for him and he’s ecstatic. And only for $60 pesos or $4.11 Canadian.

 Rob playing the flute in the courtyard

Came back and played the flute in the courtyard and relaxed for an hour before heading to the fishing beach.

All I can say is AWESOME!!

Lots of boats coming in and fish cleaning going on.

They would clean the fish and then take the bucket down into the waves to clean it and throw out the guts and the swarm was on.

The poor fellow with the bucket was swatting at the birds that were fighting to get the fish innards. It was like watching Alfred Hitchcock “The Birds” movie.

Mass of birds diving for fish guts
Mass of birds diving for fish guts

Rob got into the fray as well and had birds all around him.

I took over 5000 pictures that I need to go through to see if any turned out. It was absolutely amazing.

Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture

We found out today that most of the fish are caught by longlining and the fishermen keep everything they bring up.

In talking with one fellow that was buying fish he told Rob that the best-eating fish was yellowtail. So we got some.

They cleaned and filleted it and threw in another fish that looked red on the outside all for $100 pesos ($6.85 Canadian).

Then… they threw out the guts and I got pictures.

Magnificent Frigatebird flying
Magnificent Frigatebird flying

We took it to a restaurant where they cooked it for dinner. Delicious!

So, we got it from boat to birds, to the body. The three “B” of fishing.

Brown Pelican flying

Spending a couple of hours on the beach was a treat and we will probably go back tomorrow before we have to head to the plane.

3 Magnificent Frigatebird fighting over food
3 Magnificent Frigatebird fighting over food
3 Magnificent Frigatebird breaking apart
3 Magnificent Frigatebird breaking apart

Cleaned out the car tonight to get everything ready to pack on the morrow.

Looking forward to getting home but will miss the beach and the heat and the laid back atmosphere.

Now… I’m off to look through 5000 pictures to see what I can show you today.

Brown Pelican eating a fish that was too big to swallow
Brown Pelican eating a fish that was too big to swallow



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