An Unexpected Detour

An Unexpected Detour

We started the morning in Nogales, headed to Patagonia and then life took an unexpected detour.

Let’s back up a bit.

On Saturday (today is Monday) Rob was concerned about some containers that were coming in and was fretting about maybe coming home early.

So, we booked a flight home for Tuesday as the containers were coming in on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Rob decided that his staff could take care of it and we cancelled the flight home and I booked a flight to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday for us.

Arranged to bring back the car to Phoenix airport on Tuesday and rented a car in Florida for Wednesday.

Booked a room at an airport hotel in Phoenix for Tuesday night so we could just take a shuttle to the airport on Wednesday.

Have you followed everything so far?

Really, I wasn’t going to keep it a secret, I was just going to surprise you.

But, here is where the detour happened.

Our first stop of the morning was to High Spirit Flutes to check out their new spirit flute series.

High Spirit Flutes sign

We really wanted a deep bass flute but last time we were there it just wasn’t possible.

The reason being is that the flutes were too long and our arms too short which made it awkward to play.

Since we had been down to their showroom in 2018 they have made a modification to the bass flutes that shorten the length which allows short-armed people like us to play them.

Rather than me trying to explain how it works, here is a video below where all will be revealed.

We got to the showroom just after 10 am and met Danny who was in the shop that day.

He was very knowledgeable and friendly and we tried out a number of flutes in the key of D.

We currently have flutes in the key of E.

The flutes in the showroom just weren’t doing it for me, so Danny very kindly went over to the workshop and brought back a selection for us to try out.

It’s really interesting but it showed me that I would never buy a flute online. You really need to try them out.

Each one is unique and has a bit of a different tone and feel.

From the new selection, I found a perfect fit for me.

It’s a spirit flute in the key of D and is an EarthTone 432 Hz frequency. If you want to know about the difference from a regular flute you can check it out here.

This is a fit with my flute in the key of E. I seem to resonate with the 432 Hz frequency.

Rob got the spirit flute in the key of D as well but in the traditional frequency of 440 Hz. Here is a picture of what it looks like.

And… best of all today they had just started a sale of 25% off all flutes so Rob bought another one in the key of A.

This was one they called a beginner’s flute as it only has five holes and it’s very easy to play.

We left High Spirit flutes in high spirits and headed to Patagonia Lake stopping to get a sandwich to take out on the lake with us.

On the way there Rob saw that he had missed a call from the office so before we headed down into the lake and no cell service he called.

Turns out an extra move got scheduled for Wednesday and one of the crew had to leave on Tuesday. We knew he was leaving for a couple of months but didn’t know the timeframe.

So there they were with one person short on Wednesday, two moves and 21 containers coming in.

Rob says that’s the last of the containers he’s buying as it’s the completion of the expansion so now it’s written in stone or until he buys some more 🙂

After talking to the office we heading down to the lake to rent a boat but we just knew that we needed to make some travel changes.

That means an internet connection so we did a quick tour of the campgrounds and headed back into Patagonia to see if we could get online.

The visitor’s centre directed us to the library where they very kindly gave me the password and a table to work at.

Booked a flight to Victoria on Tuesday

Cancelled flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Cancelled hotel on Tuesday night and rebooked for Monday night.

Cancelled the car in Fort Lauderdale and let them know we would be bringing the car back early in Phoenix.

Hey… who said we weren’t flexible.

So now we are in the hotel after taking back the car to the rental centre.

Here’s how that works.

First, we go to the hotel and drop off our suitcases and all the stuff that we’ve accumulated along the way.

Then, return the car to the rental centre and take a shuttle to the airport.

From there you phone the hotel and they send a shuttle to the airport to pick you up and take you back to your room.

It takes a while, but it works.

Packing our bags and getting ready for the flight tomorrow.

Party is over early but now we have money left over to go on another holiday in the New Year.

Who knows where that one will take us.


  1. Sorry you have to leave .I was all tuned in for the next episodes. I’m happy about your flutes though, next time out may I try Robs beginner one. Love the sound.

    Safe Journey


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