Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Can you believe it?

After 2 weeks Rob said last night that my birthday party was over.

It all started a week before my birthday with take-out Chinese food.

That was a treat as we hadn’t been out to dinner or ordered in since February.

Next came the bark mulch!

Now… some of these may not seem very exciting to you, but for me, these were things that I’ve been waiting for years to get done and this was the time.

The bark mulch was for the flower gardens to control the weeks and to put around the garden.

After that, Rob did some shopping and brought me back some flowers to plant in the garden and 4 large bags (40 lbs each) of bird seed along with 2 boxes of suet for the birds.

Then things got serious and I got a cake.

Not only any cake but my favourite hedgehog one.

Which according to the brochure consists of:

Six layers of chocolate and vanilla cake filled with mocha buttercream, hazelnut buttercream, and covered with ganache and almonds.


Then came a ring Rob found.

I think it’s supposed to be diamonds and amethysts but they have definitely been made in a factory somewhere.

It’s the thought that counts.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived in Robs hands one day along with some homemade chocolates.

Driving by a road stand Rob spotted some plants for sale so he stopped and bought me two flowers.

One looks like an iris and I have no idea what the other one is but they are both planted and we’ll wait and see.

On my birthday I got an arbour!

I’m not exactly sure what to call it but the grapes had a trellis for the vines to grow up but now they were heading over the top.

So another trellis-like structure was put perpendicular to it at the top for the grapes to hang over.

I’m hoping that this will stop the birds from getting all the grapes as they will hang underneath the leaves instead of out in the open.

While this was all happening a fence was being built for the shop but what I got out of it was locking gates on our side.

So when Rob is away or on the weekends we can just lock the gates and pretend we’re not home.

Also, there was a panel of a fence behind the house that had been damaged when a tree fell down and I kept watching for a deer to get into the yard.

But… as part of my two week birthday that got fixed as well.

This year as we couldn’t go visiting I had wonderful phone calls from friends and family.

All I missed was the hugs.

Ohhh, did I mention the crabs?

Rob brought home crabs for dinner already cleaned and cooked.

He had done a favour for a lady and in turn, she stopped in with some crabs for him.


Full and meaty and so sweet.

Got out the garlic from last year’s crop, added a little butter and dipped crab until we couldn’t eat anymore.

And still, we had left-overs for the next night.

What a treat.

After that was the gutters.

Gutters you say… for your birthday?

You bet!

There is (was) a space between the roof of the house and the roof over the deck where anytime it rained it also rained on the deck.

Just the one small gap let in gallons of water as it flowed off the roof and hit the deck in a long splattering line.

This got everything for about 2 feet soaking wet if one chanced to leave anything in that zone.

Now… five years later it is finally fixed and in the process, the gutters got cleaned.

Last night Rob brought some crabs home again all cleaned and cooked and informed me that my birthday party was officially over.

Time for him to get back to doing some things that he needed to get done.

Which just goes to show… What a lucky lady I am to have Rob in my life

P.S. I forgot to mention the lottery ticket. Still waiting for the draw. But no matter. I’ve already won!

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  1. What a blog! What a good feeling blog! Today it is pouring rain in the valley and you made me happy. Rob is a keeper for sure but I’m also thinking that there is also some reciprocality {I don’t know if that is is even a word} hiding in there somewhere . Thank you for the smiles.


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