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Eat Your Vegetables

By Heather / June 14, 2020

You always hear the saying… eat your vegetables and on some level you know they are good for you. And today I finally realized why it was important to eat your veggies. First, let me say I love to garden and I grow most of the vegetables we eat. But also, there are a few […]


Birthday Girl

By Heather / June 10, 2020

Can you believe it? After 2 weeks Rob said last night that my birthday party was over. It all started a week before my birthday with take-out Chinese food. That was a treat as we hadn’t been out to dinner or ordered in since February. Next came the bark mulch! Now… some of these may […]


Letting Go

By Heather / June 9, 2020

I failed. I can’t believe it. I have the perfect opportunity to do some “letting go” and I completely missed it. Okay‚Ķ so I’m sound asleep and around 6 am I become wide awake with a cramp in my foot. It’s a charlie horse and it feels like the sides of my soles are trying […]


How To Catch A Bald Eagle

By Heather / June 5, 2020

I know the title says “How To Catch A Bald Eagle” but I’m not physically capturing one, except with a camera. Because… it is illegal to capture a Bald Eagle with anything else. Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, it is illegal to do just about anything that involves eagles both dead and […]


Daily Photo – Cut To The Quick

By Heather / May 18, 2020

Years ago I was cut to the quick. By whom… I never knew. One day I was hanging out in the forest enjoying the day and the next minute, the pain! I never dreamed that this could possibly happen to me. It was a long time ago but I can still remember the burning and […]


Daily Photo – Wood Frog

By Heather / May 17, 2020

I came across this little wood frog in a mountain ash tree. Normally the berries are red but this was still early in the season and they are still yellow with a pink blush on their way to crimson. The little frog caught my eye and I could hardly wait to take a photo of […]


Daily Photo – Camo on the Beach

By Heather / May 16, 2020

I was walking along the beach one day after the tide had gone out and found this specimen laying in the gravel. Seeing it from a distance my first thought was someone had discarded a piece of camouflage material. You always get the most interesting things coming in on the tide. But as I got […]


Daily Photo – It Had To Be Done!

By Heather / May 15, 2020

This was a case of having to, not wanting to. Well, many a little want to in there as well. The maple trees were taking over the yard. Okay… well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but hey… it runs in the family. About five years ago this maple had a trim. It […]


Daily Photo – The Dogwood Tree

By Heather / May 14, 2020

My fondest memories of the dogwood trees were searching for the flowers every spring. They came out in bloom in April and May around the same time as the bleeding hearts, trilliums and viola could be found in the forest. These trees aren’t the ones you see today in people’s yards and along boulevards. They […]


Daily Photo – Kaleidoscope

By Heather / May 13, 2020

Like a kaleidoscope of colour, this Queen Anne’s lace caught my eye. Just starting to come into bloom the opening flowers make unusual shapes and textures. When in full bloom they look like upside-down white lace umbrellas. Here they grow wild along the roadside and fields and parts of the plant are actually edible. It’s […]

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