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Why I Love My Mirrorless Camera And Other Equipment

By Heather / March 28, 2017

I am often asked what kind of camera I use to take bird pictures and I have found a mirrorless camera is the best solution for me. So here is my camera and a current list of the equipment I use in the field. I will supply a link after each item if you wish to […]


7 Reasons to Sow Your Own Seeds

By Heather / March 26, 2017

1) You Get What You Plant When you sow your own seeds, you get exactly the plants and produce that you want. The seed producers are very careful as to what goes into the package and I’ve always had good results from them. One year I bought some acorn squash seedlings and they all turned […]


There Is Beauty In The Buds

By Heather / March 23, 2017

It’s spring here on the west coast and after a cool (for us cold) winter. We actually got snow which is almost unheard of here and the trees and bushes are starting to display buds which are threatening to burst into bloom. The buds are tight and compact. Waiting to see if it’s safe to […]


Rufous Hummingbirds Make Their Spring Arrival

By Heather / March 22, 2017

Every year I wait to hear news of the rufous hummingbirds as they make their way north to us. People in the outlying areas report seeing one, then further up the coast, you’ll hear of another. All the while, I am keeping my eye on the hummingbird feeders that the Anna’s hummingbirds are so fiercely […]


It’s Lambing Time On The West Coast And Everyone Is Accounted For

By Heather / March 21, 2017

Lambing time is an exciting time for farmers and passerby’s alike. For the farmers, their herd increases and wool production goes up. For passerby’s it’s a delight to see the lambs frolicking in the fields. Lambs playing – Olympus E-M1, f5.6, 1/1000, ISO 320, Lumix 100-300mm, natural light Lambing can be complicated and tragic as […]


Lessons From The Holly Tree

By Heather / March 20, 2017

As I was walking I kept seeing wild holly trees along the path.  One, in particular, caught my attention as it seemed to be glowing more than the others.  As I reached over to touch it my hand brushed by the old leaves that were hard and spiky and they pricked my hand. I reached […]


It’s All About The Soil – Have You Tested It Lately?

By Heather / March 20, 2017

When you are gardening, it’s all about the soil. It doesn’t matter what kind of plants or seeds you have if you don’t have the right soil to grow them in, they won’t flourish and produce. I know this for a fact as when my initial raised garden beds were built, we purchased soil from […]

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