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Daily Photo – It’s Pollen Time

By Heather / April 9, 2020

Spring tree pollen is a curse As through the buds the pollen bursts Making their way to unaware strangers Who do not know the lurking dangers Headaches come and noses sneeze Yellow grit comes along on the breeze Sounding out for all to hear Spring is really and truly here Headache raging, eyes are weeping […]


Daily Photo – Camas Time

By Heather / April 8, 2020

Here on the west coast, it’s camas time. At one time Victoria had huge camas meadows that the Coast Salish people tended and harvest their bulbs for cooking and trading. What looked like a natural meadow was, in fact, a well cared for and manicured garden of wild edible plants. Each plot was looked after […]


Daily Photo – Treasures Within

By Heather / April 7, 2020

Years ago as I was walking along the beach I found these strange rubber-like circles that looked like they had a chunk bitten out of them. Part of an inner tube that had been in the water too long and got encrusted with marine life or possibly a flange or washer. Bending to pick it […]


Daily Photo – Leap of Faith

By Heather / April 6, 2020

Walking confidently across the logs in his caulk boot and trusty pike pole he takes a leap of faith as if it were a walk in the park. Like a tight rope walker. As he steps off the log he is standing on it will sink down with the weight of his thrust and then […]


Daily Photo – Walk On The Beach

By Heather / April 5, 2020

There is nothing like a walk on the beach on a bright and sunny spring day. Still cool enough for coats, but the warmth of the sun hitting your face is enough to think you should have brought sunscreen. As the tide goes out you can find all sorts of treasures on the beach and […]


Daily Photo – A Ray of Sunshine

By Heather / April 4, 2020

After a season of brownish coloured birds that overwinter here, it was a delight to see an American goldfinch at the feeder today. It was like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise misty day. As a harbinger of spring, he arrived with the new green of leaves and the flowering buds of the trees. […]


Daily Photo – Quail Time

By Heather / April 3, 2020

It’s quail time again. Disclaimer: I love my little quail and have even built a house of sticks for them to hide in outside my front door. That said… sometimes they drive me to distraction and force me to get very creative in the garden. This winter the quail would come around about every second […]


Daily Photo – Drifting

By Heather / April 2, 2020

Have you been drifting? Floating along downstream without a care in the world? Or, drifting aimlessly around not knowing where to go or what to do? Either way is perfect. For like the leaf that flows downstream right now at this moment it is the perfect place to be. Through the rushing waters and into […]


Daily Photo – On The Road Again…

By Heather / April 1, 2020

I saw this photo today and it immediately brought to mind the song “On The Road Again”. After having been at home for a few weeks and having heard today that if we all just stayed home for 2 weeks that we would all but stop the spread of Corvid-19. It just made me want […]


Daily Photo – Texas Sunset

By Heather / March 31, 2020

It was a cold and windy day on South Padre Island. We had left Arizona as a cold front moved in and headed for the Gulf of Mexico to find some sunny skies, warm water and sandy beaches. This was our second day in paradise but somehow someone forgot to let the weather channel know […]

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