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Day 10 – Nogales to Tombstone, AZ

November 16, 2017

Today we went from Nogales to Tombstone, AZ and it was a 2-B day. Great Birthday and Good Birding. After breakfast, we drove to Patagonia Lake State Park. This is a place that we go to every time we are in Arizona as it is so pretty and the lake is full of birds. Perfect spot […]


Day 9 – Casa Grande to Nogales, AZ

November 15, 2017

The road we travelled today was from Casa Grande to Nogales, AZ. The day was sunny with some cloud and 85 degrees. After a lovely breakfast at the hotel, we headed down the road and our first stop was Picacho Peak State Park. This is a park that previously we hadn’t gone through, but as we had […]


Day 8 – Gila Bend to Casa Grande, AZ

November 14, 2017

Today was another short travel day, going from Gila Bend to Casa Grande. Actually, we travelled backwards at the start of the day to Painted Rocks Petroglyphs. Seeing the sign yesterday while we were driving we decided to go back and check it out. Driving 14 miles back towards Yuma and then another 14 miles to […]


Day 7 – Parker to Gila Bend, AZ

November 13, 2017

Today we made it from Parker to Gila Bend. Starting out in Parker we said good morning to some coots swimming along the river and once we left the city, we left the water as well. Out first stop was Quartzsite which looked a little different than the last time we were there. Last time, it […]


Day 6 – Lake Havasu to Parker, AZ

November 12, 2017

Today we only went from Lake Havasu to Parker which is about 47 miles so this will be a short post. We had a leisurely morning at Lake Havasu before we headed down the road. Stopping at 3 state parks on the way to Parker we are now up to using $62 of the $75 state […]


Day 5 – Needles to Lake Havasu

November 11, 2017

Left Needles today and only travelled to Lake Havasu which is only about 47 miles and it was a lovely day. We got off to a later start as in Needles, CA there is a time zone difference of an hour even though it is about a mile away from Arizona. Our first stop was Havasu […]


Day 4 – Camp Verde to Needles

November 10, 2017

Today we did three states in one day. Started the day in Camp Verde so we could go to the V Bar V Ranch which is the site of Hopi petroglyphs. The ranch apparently is still in use, but it is most known for its Hopi calendar. This was another place that we had been […]


Day 3 – Dead Horse Ranch, AZ

November 9, 2017

Today Rob indulged me by going to Dead Horse Ranch which is now a state park. Having been there before I knew that there was good birding and a nice place to walk. It consists of lots of open lands right by a stream and it has some wonderful camp grounds. Nice drive through campsites for […]


Day 2 – Camp Verde to Sedona

November 8, 2017

Today was a little more laidback than yesterday but it didn’t start out perfectly, or did it? They have a continental breakfast here at the motel which consists of bad coffee, no hot water for tea, toast, bagels and sugared cereals in little plastic bowls. Hmmm, time for MacDonald’s. Big Mac’s is about 2 miles […]


Day 1 – Sooke to Camp Verde

November 7, 2017

Haven’t posted for a while as we’ve been so busy getting ready to go on holidays. Cleaning house (least favourite job) and harvesting and preparing the garden for winter, but that is another story. So… we’ve headed out on holidays. Nothing like advertising it to the world via this blog, but I think we have […]

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