Cabo San Lucas to Los Barriles

Cabo San Lucas to Los Barriles

After our harrowing first day, we finally left Cabo San Lucas to Los Barriles.

We decided to give Cabo San Lucas one more try that morning to see what the people find so fascinating about it.

After looking long and hard down back and front streets, we found the highway heading out of town and took it.

At one point in Cabo, Rob wanted to go down to the beach, but all the beach access we saw were places that you had to put your money down to get in.

The beaches weren’t free.

So, about 10 km out of town we took a side road down to some condo’s.

And behold… There was a wonderful beach with walkways, washrooms and flowers.

All free access!

Parked the car and headed down to the beach where we found some men releasing some baby turtles into the water.

They were so cute.

baby turtles being released

The waves would suck them out and then wash them back into shore until finally, they were all on their way to the great blue yonder.

The sand was not quite what I would call sand. It was more like broken up shells and small rocks tumbled together to form the beach.

Starting out bravely we put our bare feet in the sand and tried to walk. We kept thinking the texture would change as we got closer to the water, but it felt like walking across cut glass.

I had my sandals on which wasn’t much help as you sank right in over the top of your feet and Rob finally gave me his crocs as he was toughing it out.

After trying to clean off my foot and get it into one of the crocs a big wave came in and I ended up with one shoe and headed back up the beach limping.

Rob ended up walking to the end of the beach and by the time he got back, he said his feet were shredded.

Rob walking on the beach

Now I know where the term tender tootsies come from. For the rest of the day, our feet were tender and tingling.

Back in the car and down the road we go.

Today… we have a plan.

Rob had talked with someone before we left home and they stayed in Los Barriles so we thought what the heck… let’s go there.

Anything to get out of Cabo.

This time we took the scenic route back to San Jose del Cabo and then after a few wrong turns finally got on the highway heading up the coast.

Well actually, you head inland until you come to Los Barriles which is on the coast.

There are lots of vultures soaring the heights and the only other bird we saw along the way was a caracara.


At one point we heading into Santiago which was a little town whose main employment seem to be raking and sweeping.

Everywhere we drove, men were sweeping or raking the ground or leaning on rakes and or brooms.

We found a zoo and got out and went for a walk through their lovely grounds.

The only thing in it was a few ducks and a couple of doves in cages. The rest of the exhibits were empty and it appears that it has been closed since spring of 2017.

But… the grounds were perfectly manicured and all the paths were raked.

Ours were the only footprints in the dirt and you just have to know that once we left the 3 men that were leaning on their rakes talking would obviate our footprints entirely. As if we were never there.

At last… there was Los Barriles.

Apparently, pearls were found further up the coast and they brought them to Los Barriles to be put into barrels to transport. Hence the name.

Very small town and I would say just about everything here is for the tourists.

There is one large all-inclusive and a bunch of RV parks.

Going into the all-inclusive looking for lunch and it was big and open with a few pools, restaurants and right on the water.

We ate lunch and watched the action on the beach.

What it consisted of was a small skiff and a bunch of boats anchored out.

The skiff would take people to and fro their boats and every time they came back to the dock the pelicans would arrive looking for food.

I could have sat there all day and watched them but we still didn’t have a room for the night.

Asking at the desk we could get a room if we wanted so we knew we always had a place to come back to if we didn’t find anything else.

Back in the car and we head back the way we had come as there was another cove before Los Barriles that needed checking out.

I know I said I wouldn’t go down any back roads, but the pavement ended and there were all these wonderful houses on the ridge and on down to the water.

…and, there was wildlife too.

We came across cows walking up the road, a couple of burros and some chickens.

After winding our way along the dusty roads there was a sign saying Buena Vista Beach Resort and as it looked promising, we headed through the gates.

It was a jewel in the land of tourist hotels.

Immediately you could just see the love and care that went into the hotel and the people were just like family.

Well, in fact, they were family as it’s a family run business that was started by dad (who just died in January) and his children.

It just felt so right that we booked a room on the spot.

The rooms were very plain, nothing fancy, but clean and airy with outdoor hammocks and lounge chairs.

No TVs but there is internet and with the wonderful view outdoors why would you want to spend time in the room?

Dinner was gourmet and we ended up in the hot spring pool.

Not a hot tub, but actual hot springs that comes out of the ground like an artisan well. No chemicals just this wonderful large pool that is about 98-100 degrees,

Suppose to be healing waters and that is one of the reasons that the resort was built here in the first place.

That and the fishing, but more about that another day.


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