Casa Grande Downtime Day

Casa Grande Downtime Day

Today was a Casa Grande downtime day.

We did very little today.

I looked online to see if there were any birding areas around here and found two of them.

One was a reservoir and the other was towards a mountain trail.

Looking at the map the reservoir was also near the Casa Grande Ruins which we were planning on going to again, so we headed for that route.

But… in looking at the map, (did I let you know we finally got a map in Cibola National Wildlife Refuge) I forgot to let Rob know the road we were looking for so went way further down the road than need be.

Finally turned back and found the road in question, only to discover that it was a dirt road in the back of a farmers field and although we could see green trees we couldn’t get to them.

But… there was a really nice red-tailed hawk on the power lines.

Red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed hawk

There were also some little birds in the trees and bushes alongside the road and we spent some time hunting for them but no good photos.

On we went to Casa Grande Ruins. This will be the 3rd or 4th time we’ve been there as they have such a good feeling about them.

Outside the venue, there is a large picnic area and viewing site overlooking the ruins of an ancient village.

Taking my flute with me I went up to the viewing station and was playing to the ancestors when I heard this voice behind me asking what kind of flute it was.

Turns out she was from Washington and has the same brand of flute that we have. The company is called High Spirit Flutes and she has a flute in every key from them.

We have a National Park pass for the ruins, but we forgot it so we just went inside the gift shop and lo and behold they have High Spirit Flutes. They seem to be following us everywhere we go.

Spent the rest of the day at a neighbouring hotels pool.

We normally stay at the Quality Inn as they have great rooms, fabulous service, lovely pool and can’t say enough good things about the manager Emily.

As they didn’t have a room last night they sent us over to their sister hotel called “Mainstay Suites” where we got a room.

But, as they couldn’t accommodate us and we’ve stayed there for years they gave us the option to come and use the pool as this hotels doesn’t have one.

It was lovely swimming and laying in the sun for the afternoon.

Went to Golden Corral for dinner and are watching TV and I’m typing this post.

Coming home tomorrow.


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