A Ray of Sunshine

A Ray of Sunshine

After a season of brownish coloured birds that overwinter here, it was a delight to see an American goldfinch at the feeder today.

It was like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise misty day.

As a harbinger of spring, he arrived with the new green of leaves and the flowering buds of the trees.

His cheery demeanour proclaims that he is on top of the world and he’s planning on staying there.

Perched on a branch he sings a tune and in the bushes a timid butter hued head peaks out.

Could this be the one he is serenading?

His reason for being?

In a flash of yellow, he’s gone.

Leaving me staring out the window knowing that in the coming weeks my yard will sparkle like yellow glass as goldfinches dart from the feeders to the trees.


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