Camo on the Beach

Camo on the Beach

I was walking along the beach one day after the tide had gone out and found this specimen laying in the gravel.

Seeing it from a distance my first thought was someone had discarded a piece of camouflage material.

You always get the most interesting things coming in on the tide.

But as I got closer I realized that it was nature’s own personal camo in the form of seaweed.

Looking closer I could see that the seaweed had folder over on itself in different areas and then dried.

Causing the appearance of light and dark mottled areas just like the army and hunters use in the field today as their clothing.

Which when you think of it, nature is what they modelled the clothing after in the first place to fit in.

I’ve even been known to hide in a camo tent and don some camo netting all for the sake of getting a great picture without scaring the birds away.

You usually try and match the material that is going to hide you to the terrain you are going to be hiding in.

This would particular camo found on the beach could be used almost anywhere.

It just has all the natural tones and colours to fit in with the forest, sand and beach.

I maybe wouldn’t use it in the snow. 🙂

Isn’t nature wonderful?

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