Halo Violet

Halo Violet
Halo Violet

This luscious little beauty is called a Halo Violet.

Well actually it has a few names – Viola cornuta ‘Halo Violet’ (Horned Violet) to name a few.

The gardening books say it’s a compact perennial that is sought after for its large dark violet-blue flowers with bright yellow centres and fragrant petals.

It grows best in partial shade and in fertile moist soil.

The poor thing.

I don’t know how it not only survived but thrives in my backyard.

Sitting in full sun and rocky gravel it persists in growing large bunches of flowers.

Who knows what it could be like it I gave it ideal conditions.

When I saw it today with the sun shining on it it made me want to wax philosophically.

So, I shall.

The outer edge of the violet looks like the black of a starless night.

The burgundy wine is like satin and I imagine a dark sultry evening gown trimmed in black velvet.

If you brush the flower against your lips it’s like caressing a baby’s cheek in all their newness.

The violet nearest the centre reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes with the dark black spikes the eyelashes.

And then there is that burst of golden yellow in the middle.

Like the sun at sunset.

The glowing rays disappearing over the horizon leaving behind a velvety sky in shades of purples, mauves and magentas all surrounded by midnight black accents.

Their smell once smelled is never forgotten.

Light and airy with a hint of sweetness.

A perfume you could wear all day and never get tired of.

Not the heavy headiness of a rose but more like a toned-down sweet pea fragrance.

It’s called violet!

To me, the halo violet is not just another flower that grows in the garden.

It’s an experience in uniqueness that makes this often ignored flower a beauty unto itself.

May it always live and thrive in the less than ideal circumstances that it finds in my garden.

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