This dear little Inca dove always reminds me of total innocence.

According to Webster it means:

Innocence means you’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve broken no laws, committed no sins, and are not guilty of any morally evil act.

Oxford says:

The notion of innocence refers to children’s simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by mundane affairs.

And if the dictionary says it’s must be true.

But to me that doesn’t quite capture what I think of the word.

Maybe purity like Oxford indicates is more clearly in line with what I see when I look at the dove.

I see peace and contentment.

The doves gently cooing soothes the soul and relaxes my busy mind.

They are so tranquil that I just want to sit down beside them and get in sync with them.

Find the wavelength they are on and harmonize with it.

Let me tell you a little secret about doves.

They are symbols of love and union and people release them at their weddings to signify a pact.

But… I’m wondering if they have thought their actions through.

Here’s the deal.

Most doves released at weddings have lived in cages all their lives and are breed specifically to be white.

They have no survival skills and don’t know how to fend for themselves and maybe have never even flown before.

If they are released in the daytime they will probably end up as hawk food and if released at night they don’t know where to go or what to do as they are a daytime bird.

Basically they are condemned as they have always been provided for.

Other times white homing pigeons are used as they look enough like doves and are suppose to fly home to their coops.

But just like doves, they are easy prey.

The good news is my little Inca dove who is only 7 inches long (about the size of an American robin) is wild and free.

This one lives in Portal, Arizona with a flock of about a dozen birds.

It is a ground feeder and lives on a variety of seeds.

But to me… they will always be innocent.

And symbolize purity, compassion and peace.

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  1. What lovely thoughts about doves. I have never seen this particular species. I’m so glad to have met him


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