It Had To Be Done!

It Had To Be Done

This was a case of having to, not wanting to.

Well, many a little want to in there as well.

The maple trees were taking over the yard.

Okay… well maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but hey… it runs in the family.

About five years ago this maple had a trim.

It was growing huge limbs over the house and was quite a substantial size.

In order to make it more manageable and to stop leaves from cluttering up the gutters, it got a haircut.

Now, five years later, it was getting out of control again and… because of it being right outside our bedroom window the spring pollen would drift in at night.

That has never been a problem other years but this year something was different.

Normally I suffer from allergies from the pollen every spring and have done so for years.

But this year Rob got allergies from it and you would have thought the sky had fallen.

Hence… the necessity of the tree getting a trim.

Not only that it also kept the light out of the garden.

It’s so funny as we are surrounded by trees but this one was responsible for sunlight never getting to the deck, flower garden or the bird feeders until late afternoon and even then the deck remained in shade.

So they brought over the big guns in the way of scaffolding, two strong men to move said scaffolding and Rob with a chain saw.

Ten minutes later the trunk of the tree was naked with a few wispy branches coming out the sides.

What I know is next year it will have a brush cut of branches and leaves and the year after a full head of hair.

You can’t hold a good tree down.

Going outside to feed the birds this morning the deck was alight with sunshine and the yard was awash in light.

Like someone turning on a light bulb, my yard came to life again.

With the light coming in through the windows I can see it’s time to get the squeegee out and clean them.

A small price to pay for sunshine.

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  1. Loved it! Been there done that and so we too have more sunshine and more light. but thankfully just enough leafy branches to partially shade the deck .
    A win/win!


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