It’s Pollen Time

It's pollen time

Spring tree pollen is a curse
As through the buds the pollen bursts
Making their way to unaware strangers
Who do not know the lurking dangers

Headaches come and noses sneeze
Yellow grit comes along on the breeze
Sounding out for all to hear
Spring is really and truly here

Headache raging, eyes are weeping
And all the while the nighttime creeping
As through the window pollen billows
and lies down upon my feather pillows

A diffuser is blasting my “breath well” scent
Who knows where all the clean air went
Breathe deeply the smell of essential oils
As the little diffuser toils and boils

But good news lurks upon the horizon
If sneezings your game their ain’t no virus
So thank you allergies this year at least
No need for testing you ain’t got the beast

So let the pollen up your nose
And blow and blow until it glows
No virus here the doctors say
Sneezings okay and to that a big YEA

So this year lets bless the yellow dust
That covers everything with a crust
Although it causes unpleasant symptoms
At least you don’t need to keep your distance.

written at 2-am



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