Lasagna Noodles

Lasagna noodles

Like lasagna noodles rippling across the sands, these bulb kelp fronds (blades) have given up their hold on the ocean floor.

Washed up on the tide they add an extra dimension to the already littered beach.

And… like lasagna, this is just the top layer of the shoreline.

Underneath are layers of small pebbles, driftwood, sand and bedrock.

Other organisms are also part of this landscape, like decomposing algae, leaves, feathers and marine creatures that cannot survive out of the ocean.

They form a solid mat with each new tide adding to the layers.

To top it all off, like the cheese on top are the sand fleas and other bugs that make this their home.

It’s like this dish has been totally prepared for the birds that litter the shore.

No cooking needed just a soupcon of this and a tad of that, mix it all together and let the composting begin.

And… according to the cycles of the earth, the birds have exactly 12 hours and 25 minutes to eat before this will all be washed away on the new high tide.

Not a bad lunch time I’d say.



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