Rabbit listening

Listening intently the lone rabbit sniffs the air to see what dangers the wind brings.

Camouflaged amongst the grasses it’s only when he sits up and moves that you notice him.

Listening, he catches noises that humans can’t detect owing to the ability of the ears being able to swivel independently of each other.

This is one of his most important skillsets as it can mean life or death for him.

As humans, listening becomes a whole new category.

It’s our ability to understand and communicate with our own species.

We comfort a child, express grief and tell someone we love them.

To hear the sound of a voice that once held us and sang us to sleep.

To listen to words between the words and understand what the other is trying to convey.

Listening with all our hearts and soul with full attention to the speaker.

It is one of the greatest gifts we can give someone.



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