My Spring Is Here

Rufous Hummingbird has arrived

For me, spring arrives when the rufous hummingbirds find their way into my backyard after their long journey from the south.

A couple of males arrive first, then the females and the nesting starts.

After having to recharge the feeders one a week in the winter it now becomes a daily delight as I watch them zoom in to get the nectar.

The colours of the male are the dark rust (rufous) and the bright green of new leaves on its side and the dark green of the woods on its back.

Like a woodland palette with all the colours of the forest.

It can hide in the deep undergrowth or flash its colours in the sun.

Like a jewel, it glitters in the light and makes me feel like I’ve just gotten a present wrapped in metallic paper.

The best gift of all!


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