New Beginnings

New Beginnings

As I walked out into the yard this morning the sun touched the petals of this emerging tulip.

It spends its winters deep in the ground.

Nestled in the earth.


Waiting for the ground to unthaw and warm up.

Waiting for the moment when the earth says “all is well, it’s time to wake up”.

First, there is a hint of green as they tentatively poke their heads out to feel their way upwards.

Next, comes the emerging bud and then the flower forms.

And tomorrow or the next day the tulip will be in full bloom with its head open to the sun being kissed by its rays.

It’s a new beginning with all the darkness left behind it.

Now is its time to stand upright and display its splendour to the world.

Now is its time to shine.

Can we do anything less?



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