Ring-Billed Gull

Ring-billed seagull

We were walking the beach on South Padre Island on a gorgeous day in February.

It was early in the day before the sun rose too high over the horizon and was perfect for picture taking.

The beach was littered with Portuguese man-of-war and as we were walking in bare feet we were constantly on our guard to avoid getting stung by them.

Even lying on the beach they can pack a mean sting.

The tentacles (stinging parts) usually grow about 30 ft but can go as long as 100 ft.

Hence having to watch where you walked.

But one man’s poison is another creature’s lunch.

There was no shortage of food for the ring-billed gulls.

They would swoop in and have a little nibble on the sand and then fly off with the remainder.

The white of the bird, the yellow of its beak and the turquoise of the man-of-war combined bring this picture its charm.

These are moments in time that you will never see again or experience.

Its the NOW moment… and that’s all there is.


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