River Otter Lunching

River Otter Lunching

Spotting something swimming in the ocean I waited with my camera posed to see what the depths would offer up.

First, there was a nose that disappears followed by a curved back and tip of the tail as the otter dived again.

Curious as to what he was up to, I sat on the beach and watched as he repeated this maneuver over and over again.

Until… he came up with lunch in the form of a fish in his mouth.

I have to say this otter wasn’t shy.

He came up within 20 feet of me and proceeded to eat only looking occasionally in my direction.

Never having the opportunity to be this close to a river otter before I took some observations.

I noticed his web feet with almost fingernail like claws.

That he ate the fish from the tail end first.

I don’t know if that is the way they normally eat or if that was just the way he was holding it.

Also, I’m thinking that this might be an older otter as it appears that he has some teeth missing.

Normally they have a full set of teeth, similar to a dog but his were worn down and the incisors are missing altogether.

His whiskers were like porcupine quills and his fur was thick and luscious.

We sat companionably, me watched as he enjoyed his lunch on the beach.

Then, with a flick of his tail, he turned, dove back under the waves and the next time he popped out his head he was a long way offshore.

Walking over to his dinner table it was hard to imagine he had ever been there.

Not a trace of the fish remained and there were just my photographs to prove he had ever been there.

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  1. Everything I always wanted to know about a River Otter and didn’t know where to ask. Brilliant. Now how about the other species of Otter? The little guy that floats on his back and eats shellfish?


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