Singing Out Loud

Singing Out Loud

The marsh wrens are singing out loud as they gear up for the spring mating season.

Standing on the tallest cattail they can find in the marsh, they belt out a tune that can be heard long before you see them.

Taking no notice of anyone or anything other than finding a mate and building a nest their voice draws you closer to experience the sheer joy in their song.

Across the lake, another voice is heard.

Each proclaiming their territory and staking their claim to it.

As the song ends, the wren disappears so quickly that my camera missed its mark.

I peer into the tangle of reeds and spot movement in the undergrowth.

Sitting and waiting patiently I see what appears to be a mouse running under last year’s debris.

Following it closely a head pops out and the marsh wren once more appears to take its place on the stage of cattails.

Opening his beak, his voice rings out loud and clear declaring…

Here I am… Here I am…

I am me!


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