The Rebel

The Rebel

Standing straight and tall with his roots above ground is the rebel.

Not for him to have his nether parts safely under the ground and out of sight.

Not for him the norm of splaying his roots to get a better hold to the earth.

When the wind blows he holds on with his nails to secure his place in the forest.

He’s a wild man… running free!

Once upon a time, he had a mother.

That supported him, loved him and he hugged her tightly.

And over the years she slowly aged and melted away.

But instead of relaxing his stature and letting his roots sag to the ground, he became stronger.

More upright!

With no one left to hold him up, he learned to stand tall on his own roots.

Like a ballerina, he stands on his toes in perfect balance.

He is the rarity in the forest where most like to keep their roots hidden away from view.

As such he is always on show for all to see his uniqueness.

He is the rebel!

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