Treasures Within

Hidden treasure

Years ago as I was walking along the beach I found these strange rubber-like circles that looked like they had a chunk bitten out of them.

Part of an inner tube that had been in the water too long and got encrusted with marine life or possibly a flange or washer.

Bending to pick it up it felt gritty and bendable. Like plastic that had been in the water too long and was starting to break down.

Noticing similar objects as I continued on my way I became more intrigued.

Someone’s garbage?

Tossed from a boat?

Still wondering I walked home and put it to the back of my mind.

Because you see, these were the days before computers.

You couldn’t just sit down and type…

“What are the semi round sandy rubber like collars”.

One needed a book or a wise man/woman.

Having neither I forgot all about it until one day I saw the exact same thing in a book.

Living by the ocean I had books on marine wildlife and lo and behold there it was.

Caption below the picture read: “Moon snail egg casing”.

moon snail Imagine that.

It wasn’t man-made at all but a clever covering of mucus and sand to keep the eggs safe.

The egg casing is curled around the snail and its build in layers.

The eggs are sandwiched between two membranes and when hatched are free-swimming larvae.

Thus informed whenever I see them now, I’m just amazed at how moon snails can create such wondrous creations.

Sometimes treasures are hidden in the most unexpected places.


  1. You learn something new every day . The snail casings – how interesting!
    I’m glad that you have such an inquiring mind and we all can learn something new and interesting from you.
    Thank you once again


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