Turning A Blind Eye

Turning A Blind Eye

Turning a blind eye he watches everything in the garden.

Through sightless eyes, he “sees” the world around him.

Experiencing the wonders of nature with unseeing eyes he connects to all that surrounds him.

He feels the first drops of rain beginning to fall and can tell when the temperature shifts and the snow begins to blow.

Smelling the green grass growing and flowers budding he experiences spring in all its glory.

Berry bushes grace his brow and he can almost taste the luscious fruit that will follow.

The hot sun of summer beats down upon him as he staunchly stays at his post observing.

He heard the birds coming in for breakfast.

Listens to the chick begging for food.

And feels the water droplets that splash out of the birdbath as someone dives in to cleanse their feathers.

Visionless he cannot see the changing colours of the leaves but he feels the nip in the air and the rustle of the leaves as they fall to the ground.

Eyeless he turns a blind eye to the changes in the seasons because for him there is no time.

Only the joyful present!

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