A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

When I think of a perfect day, I think trees, water, quiet and peaceful.

And this picture says it all.

I could sit in that exact same spot for hours and stare at the water.

Watch the sun move across the sky until sunlight turned into deep dark shadows.

Lean my back against the bark of a tree and absorb its treeness.

The feel of the bark beneath my hands, the texture of the green needles and the scent of its sap on a warm summer day.

From my vantage point, I wonder when the storm was that brought another tree down and left the jagged trunk.

Looks like it’s been there a long time and living its second life as a wildlife tree with many a woodpeckers hole.

Taking off my shoes on tender feet I slowly make my way to the water.

Touch it with one toe and then plunging in up to my ankles.

Cool, clear and crisp and refreshing.

On my perfect day, a flotilla of water birds would parade themselves in front of my hiding place.

Everything would be perfect.

The light was perfect… the birds were perfect… the lake was perfect and I took perfect pictures.

I lay back in the foliage and dreamt the dream of life.

The dream of oneness with all that is.

Total connection to the universe and life is good.



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