Barnacles and Mussels

Barnacles and Mussels

Like a bouquet of shells, the barnacles and mussels cling to a pylon that in turn is holding up a dock.

These amazing creatures store vast amounts of water in their systems so that when the tide goes out they are quite capable of surviving their time out of water.

They are creatures that are extremely adaptable and can endure the calm waters of a bay and yet live in the pounding surf on jagged rocks.

Barnacles attach themselves to any hard surface. Think rock, turtle shells, whales and logs.

They use a glue which is similar to the way our red blood cells clot and has amazing staying power.

Think of it like a person who attaches themselves to you and no matter what you do they are stuck to you like glue.

On the other hand, mussels seem to attach themselves to places where the tide is running and they get a constant supply of food.

Instead of glue, they attach by hundreds of silk-like threads that allow them to move and flow in the currents.

Like a parent and a child. They are bonded but still have the ability of individuality.

Myself, I love the smell of the shell creatures when the tide goes out.

They are salty and earthy and oceany all at the same time.

Time to go beachcombing and collect dinner from the shore instead of the freezer.

Both are edible but barnacles are more like survival food whereas the mussels are delicious.

A little wine, a plate of mussels with maybe a clam or two thrown in and a crab if you can catch one.

Dinner anyone?

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