Every spring I wait in anticipating for when (a) it’s not raining and (b) when the sun hits the clothesline.

These are the happy days of spring.

After having clothes hanging on racks in our living room all winter (yes we do have a dryer) it’s so nice to fold up the rack and put them away.

Because… it’s clothesline time!

Now I know a lot of people don’t have the luxury of being able to hang their clothes outside so let me tell you about my clothesline.

Once the decision was made on where to put the clothesline we needed to put in the pole and string the hardware.

The pole also serves as an added bonus of giving the woodpeckers a place to sit.

Once the line was strung and the clothespegs bought, I did a load of laundry and I was ready to go.

Hanging the clothes on the line in itself is a meditative process.

I sort items so all the towels are together, all the sheets are together and the same with the clothes.

Shirts, shorts, pants, etc.

I find it makes them easier to hang that way and it’s about the only fastidious thing I do, do.

As I hang the clothes the line gets heavier with the weight of the wet items and I judge when it’s necessary to insert a thingamabob that holds the upper and bottom of the clothesline together.

All the clothes are hung and the line is reeled out to catch the sun and wind.

Depending on the day things could be dried in an hour or take all day.

Sometimes they are still damp when I bring them in but in the warmth of the house, they soon lose their moisture.

And… if you’re really stuck you can always put them in the dryer for a few minutes.

But… and here is the part that I get excited about.

The smell!

Oh, the smell!

Now, some people think that scented laundry detergent is the cat’s meow but frankly… it stinks next to the smell of the great outdoors.

There is nothing like putting on a shirt that has been dried in the breeze.

Going to bed at night, sleeping under sheets that smell so fresh and clean that you dream of wide-open spaces.

Towels dried in the open are one of my favourites.

No longer is the towel soft and fluffy as it would be coming out of the dryer but it’s a little stiffer and rougher.

And this my friends is the best towel to dry yourself with after coming out of a shower or even washing your face.

It feels like it stimulates and exfoliates the skin at the same time.

Pure delight!

It’s raining today so I’ll hold off doing the laundry but the next sunny day I’m on it.

Who knew one could be this passionate about a simple thing as hanging your clothes on a line.

P.S. this is a thingamabob (links to Amazon)


Jigsaw Puzzle

If you need help with instructions click here.


  1. My sentiments exactly. I am so fortunate to have a clothesline and feel the same way. All of your blogs are so uplifting and enjoyable to read.


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