Mine Mine Mine

Mine Mine Mine

When I saw this photo again I had to laugh.

Here were well-fed budgies looking like this was their last meal on earth.

There is bird feed on the stick and everybody wants it.

Moments later you pull the stick out and it’s licked clean.

And it made me think about what was happening in the world today.

Store shelves are empty, people standing in line to get critical supplies and that isn’t a laughing matter.

The things we took for granted, like freedom of being able to go where we chose and when.

Nipping down to the store for supplies and being impatient when the till ahead of us was busy.

Being able to hug our friends and go for coffee.

So many people being open and loving with their time and support and others declaring “mine mine mine”.

So… which side of the stick are you on?

I’ll leave you with a little fun. From the movie “Finding Nemo”



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