Snake In The Grass

Snake in The Grass

This northwestern garter snake is literally a snake in the grass.

Not to be confused with a sneaky person who appears harmless or even friendly but in fact, is treacherous.

I was out taking pictures of birds one hot summer day when a robin attracted my attention.

He was hopping around in a frantic manner and darting at something in the grass.

I don’t know if he thought it was a large worm or that it was a threat but as soon as I walked over to see what was going on, he up and left.

Leaving me peering into the eyes of a snake.

And I have to say a very attractive one.

I don’t remember ever seeing a brown garter snake as all the one I’ve seen in the past have been the common garter snake which is black with yellow stripes running down their body.

As he slithered through the grass he made no sound.

I wouldn’t have even known he was there if it wasn’t for the robin.

His little red tongue pulsed in and out as he tested the air.

As I watched I was fascinated by the colours and patterns of his scales.

It reminded me of beadwork done in a very specific repeating pattern.


He crossed the field and into the long grass and was lost from sight.

But, it made me realize that even the most unattractive things, given time, will reveal their own beauty.

Sometimes you just have to look for it.

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  1. I shall, in the future , try to look at snakes with a different attitude . I’m not promising mind you, just thinking about it


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