Dancing The Night Away in Todos Santos

Dancing The Night Away in Todos Santos

Tonight we spent dancing the night away in Todos Santos.

It wasn’t what we had planned on doing. We had planned on staying in La Paz for the day but hey… plans change.

As I mentioned yesterday the hotel that we stayed in last night was lovely and so another night was in order.

I looked out to see what the tide was doing early in the morning, but it appeared too high so went back to bed and slept in.

After breakfast, we made the decision to stay for another night and an hour later we decided to leave. Talk about fickled!

Packing everything up and going downstairs four flights of stairs was a lot easier than going up with the luggage and once everything was in the car we drove down the street to walk on the beach.

And… there be birds!

Big birds and little birds and flying birds and swimming birds.

Poor Rob, he has great patience when it comes to my picture taking. He even spots them for me.

I am going to try and upload some for you, but the internet is very slow right now and it might have to wait for another day.

My favourite bird today was the reddish egret.

He runs around chasing the fish and then fly’s up into the air and pounces. Much like a fox going after a mouse under the snow.

I could have watched it for hours.

There were great white egrets, frigatebirds, willets and a shorebird with a long curved beak that I still need to identify.

Reddish Egret
Reddish Egret
Reddish egret doing the fish catching dance
Reddish egret doing the fish catching dance
Reddish egret catching a fish
Reddish egret catching a fish
Reddish egret shaking
Reddish egret shaking

I finally had to tear myself away so we could get going to Todos Santos.

After many wrong turns, a couple of one-way streets and asking directions in English to Spanish speaking people we finally made it out of town after about an hour.

In the cases of the one-way streets, it’s not a matter of not reading the signs, it’s that there are no signs to read. The only way we twigged to the fact is that all the cars are parked one way on both sides of the road and then, of course, there were the people pointing and yelling at us to go the other way.

The drive down to Todos Santos was on one of the best highways we’d been on and as we came into town we could see it was an agricultural community with farms around the town.

Before we came I had looked on the internet for places to stay and had seen what looked like a lovely place surrounded by trees and gardens and had a vague sort of idea of where it was located.

We found it easily and it is wonderful.

There are 4 units, a pool and a whole lot of RV sites. Turns out people rent them by the year and they have created little plazas and sitting areas surrounded by vegetation around each unit.

So, it’s like everyone has a front yard and they are very private.

Best RV park I’ve seen yet!

The place is called Posada del Molino and the couple that own it have been here for 35 years.

It is on the site of an old sugar cane mill and they have left some of the fixtures around that use to be part of the mill.

If you are interested you can read more about it at the link above and have a look at the grounds.

The flowers are abundant and it almost reminds you of Hawaii with all the hibiscus flowers that are around. I can hardly wait to take some pictures of all the different colours.

Having the luck that we do, there was one room left and we got a deal as we paid in pesos. Gotta love those pesos.

Alice (the owner) let us know that her son ran Chili and Grill (bar and eatery) and her daughter ran the health food store if we needed anything.

Turns out Chill and Grill had taco Tuesday on and a band and it was just one block away so we walked down to see what type of excitement they had in town.

Walking into the bar all the tables were full but we found one right in front of the band.

There is no roof, just something that looks like landscaping cloth to keep out the sun and in some spots, it was open to the sky.

Speaking of the sky… it’s a full moon here tonight and everything is bright as bright can be.

Full moon in Todos Santos

Most people were huddled in coats, some in toques and all wearing jeans except for myself and Rob.

The temperature is around 60 degrees here tonight with a bit of wind and people think this is freezing.

And we show up in shorts and short sleeve shirts. Hey… no one told us it would be cold down here. 🙂

While we were having a glass of wine a fellow came up and asked if he could sit down so we said yes.

About our age, he had definitely seen more of life than most.

Purple bandana draped around his head like a pirate, long beard and moustache and eyes that one can only get from psychedelic drugs.

Seemed to be in a world all his own and played an imaginary guitar along with the band talking or singing away to himself.

Occasionally he would come back to this world and explain to us that he was from another planet on the dark side of the moon that took three days to get to.

Liked cigarettes, marijuana and was an alcoholic. Need I say more?

But entertaining nonetheless.

The band was great. Wrote their own music and they are going to be playing on stage with Dwight Yoakam in June.

These guys were 65+ if they were a day and I swear one of them was well into his late seventies.

But boy could he play a mean rhythm guitar.

Turns out he was from the San Juan Islands and comes down here for 6 months of the year. Small world.

We were the first on the dance floor and the last ones to leave.

Had a fabulous time and once we got up to dance other people followed.

Now, one of my knees is a little sore from dancing on cement and Rob is sound asleep after all the exertions and maybe a little vino.

What fun we are having dancing the night away.


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