Day 1 – Sooke, BC to South Bend, WA


Got up early this morning and headed for the ferry during a torrential downpour.

We had a ferry reservation for sailing from Victoria to Port Angeles, WA at 10:30 and we needed to be there 90 minutes before sailing in order to go through customs.

Leaving home at 7:30 we figured we had plenty of time to get to Victoria as it usually only takes about 50 minutes.

It took us two and a half hours to get to the ferry. A new all-time record.

The main road out of Sooke was flooded so we ended up going via East Sooke at a snail’s pace.

It wasn’t until we got to a river across the road that we found what was holding up the traffic.

Turns out low-riding cars weren’t able to get through without stalling so they were having to turn around. Thank heavens we were in the van so driving slowly we made it through just fine and after that, the traffic sped up.

Getting to the ferry with minutes to spare they still took our reservation and closed the gate after the next car behind us.

The wind had come up so not only was it raining but the boat was battling high waves and being buffeted around. Made for a rough crossing.

We stayed downstairs trying to nap but someone forgot to turn their car alarm off and it keep sounding throughout the voyage.

Finally arriving in Port Angeles the weather dawned bright and blue.

It was such a relief to get out of the rain and gloom of the past few days.

On the way out of town, we stopped and got some Kentucky Fried Chicken (extra crispy) and headed towards Aberdeen on Hwy 101 which was our destination for the night.

Turns out they also got a lot of rain over the past few days and the rivers were swollen.

Not just swollen but a lot of them had actually given birth and had overflowed their banks leaving trees across the road, fields like lakes and ponds in front lawns.

Some houses along the shore had water right up to their doorstep and others had their foundations submerged.

On the bright side, we saw a herd of at least 20 elk by the side of the road, grazing in a pasture. The rain had started again so no photos are forthcoming.

We cut off on highway 108 towards Aberdeen and turned left when we got there before going down the main street and were back on the highway before we knew it.

Sufficed to say we are not in Aberdeen tonight but in a coastal town called South Bend.

Our intention is always to find a motel to stay in before it gets dark, but this very rarely happens and today was no exception.

All the motels we encountered along the way looked less than stellar so we kept driving.

The skies had cleared once more and the moon was almost full and shimming on the water and there was little or no traffic which made driving easier.

And here we are in South Bend in a nice clean motel with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms which we got a great deal on a long as we agreed not to use the second bedroom.

It’s 11 pm and I’m off to bed to dream about tomorrow’s next great adventure.


  1. Sooo glad tohear from you, I checked last night before I went to bed. The lower mainland is a disaster with Abbotsford flooded and the slides on all three of our major highways. Onr friend had been sleeping in his car in Hope since Sunday night and there is stil no way for him to get home. Restaurants are running out of food so most are closed, the school gym is shelteringg families and residents are donating food. Fingers crossed that you have a safe and super holiday Much love, Mom


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