Day 10 – Nogales to Tombstone, AZ

Rob's 65th birthday

Today we went from Nogales to Tombstone, AZ and it was a 2-B day. Great Birthday and Good Birding.

After breakfast, we drove to Patagonia Lake State Park. This is a place that we go to every time we are in Arizona as it is so pretty and the lake is full of birds.

Perfect spot for Rob’s birthday.

Patagonia Lake
Patagonia Lake

We rented a pontoon boat and got a special deal because of the birthday boy. Nice!

The lake was beautiful today and the birds plentiful.

Starting off at the marshy end of the lake where all the birds hang out, we did that before the wind came up.

Then proceeded down the lake and stopped at a little inlet for a picnic and had a nap in the shade.

Now came the fun time for Rob. At the marshy end of the lake you have to go slow and aren’t allowed to make any wake, but at the other end, you can go as fast as you want and make as big a wake as you want.

So we ran around in circles and roared up and down the lake only to find another fellow doing the same so now we had his wake to go over. Fun for both of them.

At the end where they had dammed the lake, a herd of cows and a bull hung out. I can’t technically say it was a bull as I never saw any tackle, but it looked like a bull to me.


All along the lake, birds were hiding in the reeds, diving or sitting right out on the rocks and you couldn’t see them until you were right beside them. I’ll post a few bird pictures below if possible. The internet is slow here.

ruddy ducks
Ruddy ducks
Great Egret
Great Egret
Great Egret
Great Egret flying
Pied-billed Grebe
Pied-billed Grebe
Eared Grebes
Eared Grebes

Which brings me to where we are now and that is Tombstone.

Got a nice hotel (prepaid visa/debit was declined again) so used a different cc. I don’t think we will go the route of the prepaid visa/debit as it has been more trouble than it’s worth. Using it for dinner tonight it worked fine, but for hotels, not so much.

Lovely dinner and dessert was on the house (fried ice cream) as it was Rob’s birthday. It’s good to be the birthday boy.

Tired and full, he is already asleep with a bit of a sunburn and dreams of another fun-filled day.

Happy 65th Birthday, Rob!

Rob's 65th birthday


  1. A belated Birthday Wish Rob.

    Your birthday always takes me back to 1953, when you and your twin, accompanied of course by Mother and bro. Billy arrived in Greenock, Scotland, after travelling across the pond from Canada. Of course you were just six months then and it was a different world back then, especially in Scotland where the effects of the Second World war were only then being shrugged off from an economic point of view.
    The main reason for the trip was to visit your Maternal Grandparent’s, aunt’s uncle’s and other family members. Also it was the year of the Queen’s Coronation and I don’t believe your Mum was a royalist as most Scots were respectful but quite different in that respect from the English.

    There is too much of that time for me to relate in this medium, so I’ll finish by wishing you and Heather good travelling with the rest of your vacation.


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