Downtime Day In Buena Vista

Downtime Day In Buena Vista

Today is a downtime day in Buena Vista for walking on the beach, playing the flute and basically doing nothing but enjoying ourselves.

The day started with a visit from 2 cats who have a taste for potato chips. I had to make two separate piles so they wouldn’t fight.

Played the flute for a while and went for a walk on the beach before breakfast. Nice.

I forgot to mention yesterday but everyone here remembers us and I have gotten numerous hugs from the staff.

Seems we made a big impression on our last visit. 🙂

We walked through the gardens, swam in the pool and basically chilled out.

High winds again today and along with the high winds came the kite surfers. The water was alive with kites.

They would head out to open ocean and literally fly back in seconds.

People were jumping 25 plus feet in the air but I only caught a small jump with my camera as the wind was blowing so hard I could feel the sand against my skin and I didn’t want to sandblast my lens.

kite surfing in Buena Vista bay

As birds were at a minimum today butterflies seemed to be the next best thing.

I have no idea what they are called, but here are some of what I saw.

As there wasn’t a lot to talk about today I figured I would put together a list of things we have experienced so far.

Some facts we’ve gleaned from our perspective about the Baja:

  • always carry tip money
  • pesos are the preferred money
  • most cities and towns don’t have crosswalks
  • most places, especially in the older sections of town, are not wheelchair accessible. Or if they are, they need a runaway lane at the bottom of the ramp
  • you know the “catch of the day” is really the “catch of the day” as when it is windy and the boats can’t get out, none of the restaurants offer fish.
  • what’s at the end of a dirt road is always unexpected
  • fruit and veggies are fresh and plentiful
  • you get refried beans with all your meals
  • all food dishes seem to have peppers and onions in them
  • there are terrible roads to million dollar houses
  • garbage is just dumped beside the road
  • a lot of plastic everywhere
  • beaches are clean of debris
  • in the real tourist towns, most people speak English or understand it otherwise it’s down to hand gestures
  • everyone is friendly and makes allowances for Canadians who have no clue what they are doing. Generous people
  • someone pumps your gas just like it used to be in the good old days at home (remember tip)
  • people actually sell stuff while you are waiting at a stop light. They don’t just have their hand out expecting a handout
  • every small town or just a cluster of buildings has speed bumps on the road. Large speed bumps… even on the main highway
  • must keep a sharp eye out for sheep, goats and cows on highways. They own the road!

Catch ya tomorrow…


  1. I shall find my butterfly manual and look them up for you if nobody does it sooner.
    Love the list, great to keep in mind if and when !!!
    I’d love to have been there to hear your flutes, especially on the beaches.


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