Feliz día de San Valentín from Buena Vista Beach Resort

Feliz día de San Valentín from Buena Vista Beach Resort

If you haven’t already figured it out Feliz día de San Valentín is Happy Valentines Day in Spanish.

We learned it this morning and have been using it all day.

Interesting though, Mexican’s actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Everything that is done here for this special day is for the tourists.

I actually wasn’t going to write a post today as I didn’t think there was a lot to write about, but it turns out I found out all sorts of things today to pass on.

Things like Christmas is the BIG holiday here and New Years.

Turkey is eaten with all the trimmings.

Even though the main religion is Catholic, Easter doesn’t seem to be a very big holiday here. Not like we have at home.

Here at the hotel (Buena Vista Beach Resort) during Christmas and New Years it is mainly occupied by Mexicans and not tourists.

People come up from Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo. La Paz and other areas to party.

And according to the bartender… party they do.

The other interesting tidbit we learned today was the wages in Mexico.

As I mentioned before they get paid a daily wage, not an hourly wage.

I looked it up and the average wage in Mexico is $88.36 pesos per dayThis works out to $6.10 Canadian.

Here at Los Barriles, the pay is around $130 pesos per day or $8.98 Canadian.

So, tipping really is an important part of their income.

Not only that, but it doesn’t appear that they always get overtime if they work more than 8 hours. They could work 12 hours and still only get a daily wage.

I take back all the previous comments I made on tipping. Bring extra money and spread it around. 🙂

In talking with some Canadians and Americans alike they don’t believe in tipping and figured it is already included in the price or that it’s like a handout and they don’t do handouts.

No wonder we were remembered from last year. Rob’s a good tipper.

For all the low wages they received all the people we have met are friendly, gracious, kind, and willing to help in any way shape or form.

So… what did we do today besides learning all sorts of interesting facts?

  • Played the flute on the beach.
  • Had breakfast
  • Went up to the front desk and paid for three more days (until Sunday)
  • Went into Los Barriles
  • Rob bought me a red rose
  • A dozen chocolates from Charlies Chocolates (homemade/handmade) and delicious
  • Walked the beach
  • Took pictures of pelicans
  • Went for lunch
  • Came back to the hotel
  • Another walk on the beach
  • Went in the hot springs pool
  • Had dinner
  • Rob is already asleep
Brown pelican coming in for a landing
Brown pelican coming in for a landing
Brown pelican doing a flyby
Brown pelican doing a flyby

While we were in the hot springs pool Axel came by (manager) and was talking with us about the hot springs.

It was originally founded by a Mexican General who found the waters were wonderful for his rheumatoid arthritis and build steps into the pool before he built his hacienda.

Axel said he would give us a tour tomorrow up to the original artesian well. Will update once we go.

We had decided not to have dinner tonight as lunch was about 2:30 and we were still full around 6 pm.

About 8:45 there was a knock at our screen door and it was Jesus (pronounced Hey Zeus to my ear).

He was wondering if we were coming to dinner as they were just about to shut down the kitchen and we hadn’t been yet and they had a special menu.

So, off we went!

There was only one table left with a white tablecloth, red napkins and red runner across it.

Looked lovely.

I took my rose with me and it was in the classiest vase I could find for it… a water bottle and when I put it on the table it fell over as the rose was top-heavy.

Jesus took it off to the kitchen and returned with it 3/4 filled with water that he had coloured pink.

What a sweetie!

Dinner was lovely and it turns out we were hungry.

I can’t even begin to explain the appetizer but it involved cured shrimp.

Rob had chicken and I had steak

And the desert was… well again I can’t seem to explain it.

It was like a ginger meringue made like a large flat cookie with whipping cream and fruit on top and yet it was none of these. That’s just the closest I could come.

Right now I can hear the waves on the beach and a lonely frog that seems to be stuck on repeat.

Again… another beautiful day here on the Sea of Cortez.

PS. The hood ornament in the picture is from a 1950 Dodge Ram



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