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The Secret To Keeping Garden Lettuce Fresh For Two Weeks Or More

By Heather / July 18, 2017

So you’ve picked your lettuce and there is more than you can eat for dinner. Here’s the secret to keeping garden lettuce fresh for two weeks or more so you can enjoy it longer. 1) Pick or Thin This year we are having a hot summer, so besides having lettuce in the garden (full sun) […]


OMG I Think I Might Becoming A Vegetarian

By Heather / July 10, 2017

I can’t believe it… but I might becoming a vegetarian. This from a person who has eaten meat all her life. Gets great pleasure in gnawing the bones until they are devoid of any scraps of meat and then pops them into the stock pot to make soup. My dad hunted (and still does) and […]


Fresh Frozen Strawberry Jam

By Heather / July 7, 2017

There is nothing better than to open your freezer in the middle of winter and pull out a jar of fresh frozen strawberry jam. It’s like a jar of sunshine especially if you picked the strawberries from your own garden. Freezer jam has always been a tradition in our family and I can’t remember having […]


Update – Growing Strawberries In Sawdust

By Heather / July 3, 2017

As the growing season is underway I thought I would give you an update on growing strawberries in sawdust. If you missed the post that I did on mulching my strawberries with sawdust you can read it here. It’s all about an experiment that I did this year to see if sawdust really worked as […]


My Favourite Sandwiches Are Called Jeanmakes

By Heather / June 14, 2017

Have you ever had the unshakable feeling that you are right and the rest of the world is wrong? All my life until I was in my teens when mom asked us what kind of sandwich we wanted, often it would be jeanmakes. Any of my friend that grew up around us knew what jeanmakes sandwiches […]


Time To Test The Soil

By Heather / June 4, 2017

Like the saying goes… “time to test the waters” I figured it was time to “test the soil“. The soil in my garden that is. Turns out I have 5 different types of soil right now in the raised garden beds and I thought it would be interesting to do some comparisons using my handy […]


How To MacGyver A Raised Garden Bed With Modified Hugelkultur

By Heather / May 30, 2017

I call it a raised garden bed with modified hugelkultur as a true hugelkultur garden is made up almost entirely out of logs and wood and just a little bit of dirt (2 inches). Doing a bit of reverse, but hoping to still get the benefits we did a raised garden bed with a layer […]


First Crop Of Hay Off My Raised Garden Beds

By Heather / May 23, 2017

Not that I was going for a crop of hay off my raised garden beds. Because, why would one? Well maybe if you had a goat or some other livestock, but it’s much more productive to raise food in them. You have to know that there is a story around it. My 2017 garden story […]


12 Tips For The Growth, Care and Uses Of Lavender

By Heather / May 19, 2017

I love Lavender. I love the smell, the colour, the texture and everything else about it. Lavender and roses are on the top of my flower list. I was having trouble growing it, so I contacted Elizabeth Riceman Rowe of Leelanau Lavender who in answering my questions gave me some tips for the growth, care […]


Moist And Delicious Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

By Heather / May 19, 2017

As it was Father’s Day I thought I would bake a cake for that special someone. I rummaged around in my recipe box looking for the ideal delight. In case you’re wondering what a recipe box is, that’s the old-school method where you actually wrote recipes on an index card and put them into a […]

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