How Far Would You Travel For Lunch?

How Far Would You Travel For Lunch?

How far would you travel for lunch? Today we found out the answer!

We spent the morning sleeping in and hanging around as it was raining.

The weather cleared up a bit in the afternoon so we headed out for lunch.

Talking to a lady in the parking lot she recommended a place called Lazy Days as having wonderful seafood.

She said it was about 10 miles past Key Largo so we thought what a good idea.

Now Key Largo only takes 20 minutes to get to and after travelling an hour we were beginning to think that we missed it.

Not only that but we couldn’t stop to ask anyone as we had forgotten the name after so long.

But ten minutes later we saw it on the left-hand side right on the water as she said it would be.

They had outdoor seating and a little dock that the pelicans hung out on.

I didn’t realize until later why there were so many birds there but it appears that the restaurant throws out all the scraps from filleting the fish off the dock and the pelicans go wild.

Pelican feeding frenzy
Pelican feeding frenzy
Pelican in Key Largo
Pelican in Key Largo

Lunch was everything we hoped for.

I had a crab and asparagus salad with ginger dressing and Rob had oysters in the half shell and seared tuna in sesame seeds.

Followed by a key lime pie.


After lunch and another rain squall, we went down to the wharf to see if the pelicans were doing anything interesting.

They were so close you could actually touch one if thus inclined.

But this meant that even without using the telephoto lens I couldn’t fit them all in the picture unless I backed way up from the dock.

The highlight was a Great White Heron which lives exclusively in South Florida.

I was confused at first as it looked smaller than I thought it should be but it’s colouring, plumage and legs all point to Great White Heron.

Another first!

Great white heron in the rain
Great white heron in the rain
Great white heron
Great white heron

Back at the hotel, raining off and on but still 73 degrees (23 degrees C) and tomorrow is going to be sunny and warm.

No complaints here.


  1. Those Pelicans are big birds. I remember helping get some fishing line off of one in San Diego once. He was a belligerent son of a gun and showed no gratitude whatsoever for our efforts!

    • Rob had a newspaper that he was holding rolled up that day and one of the pelicans on the dock thought it was a fish and that Rob was offering him a free lunch. He just missed getting stabbed by one.


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