I Heard The Raven Call

I Heard The Raven Call

I heard the raven call today and although some say that it sounds hoarse and harsh, to me it is music in the making.

He walks beside me and in his glistening coat of black, cocks his head to one side as if he hears what I cannot.

To me…

  • Ravens are the messenger
  • A time of change
  • A time to be aware
  • To look around… notice
  • Contemplate
  • And take a moment to pause and listen

Listen to the silence of all that is.

Shut off the external and go within.

Take time for myself as I am the only one that can.

To honour my gifts and let fall away that which no longer serves me.

Listen to my heart (not my head) and follow where it leads me.

Turn off the telly, computer, phones and all the noise around me.

Tune into the heartbeat of the earth and feel it’s presence and give thanks.

I am unique.

I am perfect.

I am me.

The raven reminds me of these gifts and I am grateful



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