Just “BEING” Me

Just BEING me

I was thinking about beliefs today as I walking and I’ve come to the conclusion that someone just make up the concept and we all bought into it and now that we have them, we all want to get rid of them.

I did a search on the internet on limiting beliefs and everyone has a theory on how to make them go away. Push against and make disappear.

I wonder if that is why so many of us keep them for so long is the fight and struggle we put up against them.

Ahhh, the belief that only in conquering them can we make the change and let go that which does not serve us.

What would it be like to become aware of the belief, thank it for the lesson and release it easily and effortlessly? Like a plume of smoke rising to the sky.

I think the key is in the awareness… I feel the discomfort of the belief, but I don’t recognise it. In feeling the discomfort it alerts me to something that is out of harmony with who I am… my true authentic self.

It is in this moment that the awareness can occur. And yet if I’m not tuned into my being, the moment is lost and I’m left feeling like I just missed something but I know not what.

Self-awareness in all aspects of my life. What would that be like?

Ahhh… feels enlightening and freeing and yet also feels like it comes with responsibility. Not a heaviness, but sort of like if you go down that path there is no turning back.

You can no longer play small in the world as you honour your truth. No more hiding or being that which you are not, as you seek the authenticity of your being.

What does it mean to be “your true authentic self”? Or maybe a better question is “what does it feel like?” As I type this, I feel myself taking a deep breath in and releasing all the tension from my body.

Feels so good as I honour that awareness in the moment.

In my moment to moment existence, I shall endeavour to be more aware.

That sort of sounds like Yoda. “Do or do not… there is no try”. Hmmm, let’s try again.

As I walk through my daily existence I seek moments of enlightenment as I become aware of my actions and thoughts. Hmmm, still not there.

What the heck… I think this sums it up.

Just “BE

In the “beingness” of it all is my happy place.

Ahhh, now that feels good.

Just “BEING” me


  1. The profoundness of this wisdom is in the simplicity. I think I need to study this one a little more and see how it makes me feel! Good stuff, thankyou.


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