Kingman – Camp Verde, AZ

sparrow on a fence post

The hotel in Kingman was less than stellar so we didn’t even take in the complimentary breakfast.

Instead, we thought we would stop at MacDonald’s and eat.

Trouble was, the road we were on was heading out of town and there was no more town left.

We ended up stopping at a gas station and bought some yogurt and kept travelling.

The plan had been to leave Kingman and travel along the old highway 66 which goes up to Peach Springs and ends up in Seligman but… we missed that cut-off as well.

So, we just headed down highway 40 and stopped in Seligman for breakfast.

The town is a tourist town that caters to the fifty’s. The restaurant we ate at was called The Road Kill Cafe.

You kill it we grill it is their motto.

And their menu is just as colourful.

Deciding not to go to the Grand Canyon we drove to Ash Fork and turned down on highway 89. and headed to Camp Verde.

Just before Prescott, we turned off on highway 89A and drove the winding, climbing, twisting, switchback road to Jerome.

It says you can use the road if your vehicle is no longer than 50 feet, but I think a 40 foot motor home would have trouble with it as you would end up using both lanes around some of the corners.

The town is on the top of a mountain and the houses are hanging on the side.

It was a copper mine in the day and now they are giving ghost tours.

We got out and walked around for a bit and looked in all the tourist stores and headed down the mountain.

.On through to Cottonwood and then took highway 260 and ended up in Camp Verde.

It was lovely to get a motel room while it was still daylight and we went for a walk through the old town.

Side note – here is an update on masks:

Going through Washington and Oregon masks were mandatory and everyone wore them.

In California, there was definitely a lack of masks. Very few people wore them and we were in the minority.

From what we’ve seen in Arizona so far is more masks than in California, but it seems to be a personal preference.

In some restaurants, everyone is wearing masks and in others, no one. has one on.

Also, there are lots of billboards letting you know where you can get a booster shot and you could get one at most pharmacies.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print today so I’ll see you tomorrow.


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