Letting Yourself Be Loved

Letting Yourself Be Loved

As I’m winding down for the night I’m listening to a song called “Letting Yourself Be Loved” by Lew Epstein. It is one of those songs that is relaxing, thought provoking and makes you take another look at the world around you.

Even the title, makes you wonder… how often do we allow ourselves to be loved. Truly loved to the point where you feel the radiance of the person loving you.

I know that I am loved, and yet…

To be honest, most of the time I think I take it for granted.

I’ve been one of the fortunate ones that have been surrounded by people that love me.

Growing up in a loving family there were times that I would forget and not allow myself to feel the love.

The words of the song that pull at my heartstrings are:

You are blessed, you are forgiven, you are an angel.
You have to listen that you are loved and you have to forgive all the time.
Thank you for letting me love you, thank you for letting yourself be loved.

It is only when I forgot that I am loved that there is disharmony and disconnection in my world.

When I judge myself… that is when I feel all alone.

And… if I don’t let myself be loved… how can I totally give my love to another.

When I listen and remember I am loved then all is well in the world and I feel at peace.

Tonight I feel at peace. Breathing deeply and being grateful for my day, my gratitude knows no bounds. My world is filled to overjoying.

Ahhh, what a perfect place to feel.

Tonight I shall let myself be loved.

And as the song says… Thank you for letting me love you

I’ve included the lyrics to the song below as well as the video. Enjoy

Just a note: the words don’t actually begin until a minute into the music.

By Lew Epstein

No one has ever prepared us for this experience.

We think it is the end–no.
It’s another beginning.
It’s knowing that you’re loved

It’s not easy, letting yourself be loved–
‘Cause we’ve learned to judge ourselves–
we’re always judging ourselves

But I learned to listen that I was loved. I was loved!
And then I would forget that I was loved
Those were the most painful times for me–
forgetting that I was loved

So you’ve let yourself be loved while you’ve been here.
And you’ve judged yourself.
And you’ve forgotten that you were loved.
And you became alone…but you will always be here.

You are blessed. You are forgiven. You are an angel.

You have to listen that you’re loved and you have to
forgive all the time

Listen that you’re loved and forgive all the time.
You are love.

Farewell my son
Farewell my daughter
Farewell my father
Farewell my mother
Farewell my sister
Farewell my brother

Thank you for letting me love you.
Thank you for letting yourself be loved

God Bless You

-Lew Epstein, “Graceful Passages



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