Lodi, CA to Kingman, AZ

double-crested cormorant sunning

Leaving Lodi Friday morning and headed south.

We spent most of the day driving down I-5 and turned off on Highway 46 towards Wasco and through onto Highway 99 heading for Bakersfield.

Hitting rush hour in Bakersfield we slowly crept our way to Highway 58 and to whatever town was next that had a place to stay.

Turns out that was Tehachapi.

A nice little town with clean hotels and a sushi place right next door.

I know… sushi in the desert but it actually was really good and a nice change from hamburgers and the Taco Bell that Rob made me try.

Leaving Tehachapi this morning and headed east towards Barstow and the Mojave Desert and beyond.

For miles and miles and miles there were giant windmills on the hills as well as ones with smaller blades. There was enough to power a least 1 or 2 cities. It was amazing.

At a rest area, we saw at least 8 ravens but they kept to the shadows so it was hard to get a picture.

Had lunch in Needles before crossing over into Arizona.

And now our holiday begins…

The first place we went was Topock and I took some pictures of a couple of double-crested cormorants who were happy to pose.

double-crested cormorant

I also saw a common moorhen but didn’t get a good picture of it as it was in the reeds.

We got off Highway 40 and went onto the old highway 66 which is called the Oatman highway, stopping at Catfish Paradise.

Having been there before I was sure I would get some good photos, but alas, there were some boats coming in and so the only bird I was able to get a photo of was a female common grackle.

common grackle

This is the time we wish we would have brought a boat with us.

grasses in moor

Tonight we made it to Kingman, AZ and are spending the night here.

Off to bed to await the grand adventure tomorrow.


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