Los Barriles to Ciudad Constitucion

Los Barriles to Ciudad Constitucion

Today we made it from Los Barriles to Ciudad Constitucion.

I didn’t write anything yesterday as the internet was working due to high winds but if you check the last post you will see I’ve been able to put up some pictures.

We got up early and went for a walk on the beach, breakfasted and packed up.

The tide was up high and a lot of the ATV tracks were washed away.

The sun was coming up when you looked one way and the waves were crashing on the beach when you looked the other.

dawn on the beach at Buena Vista Beach Resort

Rob found a pufferfish (he seems to attract them) and although this one was definitely dead proceeded to get it back into the water. 🙂

returning the puffer fish to the water

By the time we got to the hotel to have breakfast the wind was so strong, we had to eat indoors.

Good day to travel.

Heading north our first destination was La Paz but there were a few stops along the way.

Stopping in a little town of El Triunfo, San Antonia it was once the largest city on the Baja, larger than La Paz.

Mining for silver and gold in its heyday it is now but a ghost town trying to resurrect itself with tourism.

They had a nice little hotel there with individual cottages with a sort of central plaza with a swimming pool.

Continuing down the highway you would see a group of houses here and there and the road was mountainous with many turns and twists.

At one spot we saw an RV park so stopped in to have a look.

It was a lovely spot in the trees and we talked to a few people there.

One fellow said he had a house further back and that there was one for sale if we wanted to look at it.

So we stumbled around the backroads and drove in a couple of driveways until someone ratted us out.

As we were driving back out a man drove up in his pickup and blocked the road.

No English.

But basically wanted to know what the heck we were doing there.

We told him we would follow him out as now we were lost. At least that is what I hoped we all conveyed and off we went.

Giving him a wave goodbye at the gate he gave us a scowl and we were on our way.

And then it felt like we drove and drove and drove.

From Los Barriles to La Paz takes about an hour and a half but we managed to do it in about three.

There are always things to see and birds to stop for.

Caracara taking flight

From La Paz up to Ciudad Constitucion is around 2.5 hours and we arrived here in the dark.

We had been hoping to make it to Puerto San Carlos on the Pacific side of the Baja but it just got too late so we were so glad that this was a large town with some hotels.

We didn’t stop in La Paz as it’s just a big city and I could hardly wait to get out.

There are supposed to be some nice beaches around there but most of the hotels are right in the city.

Originally we were headed for Loreto but it’s a little further to drive and we were afraid that it might be experiencing the same winds that we had been getting for the last few days as the east side of the Baja is famous for high winds this time of year.

Of course, that brings out the kiteboarders and we talked to one of them today.

They are attached with a harness to the kite and it has some safety features so they don’t get blown away.

There are release cords to make is fall and if all else fails to let go of the kite completely.

It only cost less than a thousand dollars to get started if you want to buy secondhand and in asking him about the board he said there were places to put your feet. Sounded like on a ski but without the heel.

You can actually control the speed and can get up to 50 ft high. Unbelievable!

Well, actually I can believe it after we saw how high some of them were jumping.

That’s all the trivia for today.

So, today we’ve gone from the peace and quiet of the beach to a motel where I can hear the traffic and the occasional siren.

Early to bed so we can get an early start. There be whales to see tomorrow.



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