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A Conscious Choice

By Heather / February 3, 2018

Throughout our lives, we make millions of choices and decisions, but how many of us actually make a conscious choice for each of those decisions. From the time we are little our lives are dominated by choices. Some sources claim that people make 35,000 decisions a day. So, if we sleep 6 hours a day, that […]


I Heard The Raven Call

By Heather / January 22, 2018

I heard the raven call today and although some say that it sounds hoarse and harsh, to me it is music in the making. He walks beside me and in his glistening coat of black, cocks his head to one side as if he hears what I cannot. To me… Ravens are the messenger A […]


Enough Is Enough!

By Heather / December 2, 2017

After getting home from the desert and being all hot and warm we came back to the rain of the west coast. Being without rain all summer, these downpours are much needed to fill up reservoirs, top up the water levels and replenish the earth. But did it all have to come at once? It’s […]


Just Ask Google

By Heather / August 22, 2017

How often in this day and age do we say to someone “just ask Google“, when they are looking for an answer? I know for myself Google is the search engine of choice and I find myself on a daily basis referring to this knowledge of information. But… what is written is not always the […]


You Better Have A Pretty Good Excuse For Not Showing Up For Work

By Heather / August 13, 2017

With running a small family owned business, as an employee you better have a pretty good excuse for not showing up for work. Things like… I don’t feel like it I want the day off my sister needs a ride into town my cell phone isn’t working I’m sick (when you know from their Facebook […]


Big Bad John’s – Not Your Average Tourist Attraction In Victoria BC

By Heather / August 8, 2017

When people think Victoria, BC they think sunshine, flowers, Victorian, Emily Carr and afternoon tea. But… there is another side to Victoria that most people don’t see and it comes under the heading of “Big Bad John’s“. After living in this area for more than 15 years it wasn’t a place I was familiar with either […]


What Do Babies And Seal Pups Have In Common?

By Heather / August 5, 2017

What do babies and seal pups have in common besides being small, helpless and requiring someone to feed them? Read on to find the answer. On a walk through Alyards Farm one day I discovered the similarity. Alyards Farm is part of East Sooke Regional Park and is one of my favourite places to go for a walk. […]


Recycling Dilemma

By Heather / July 23, 2017

I’m having a bit of recycling dilemma. After putting out my recycling today I was feeling pretty good about myself. We had done some cleanup over the weekend and had put out three bins separated into glass, plastic and cardboard. As I was walking back to the house, a thought struck me. Was I really […]


Stalking The Rare, Elusive California Quail

By Heather / July 14, 2017

I did not start out today stalking the rare, elusive California quail, but what can one do when one hears unmistakable quail like noises coming from the underbrush. I looked, I searched and I hunted the noise. I caught momentary glimpses of them in the underbrush.  I took pictures and it was like “where’s Waldo” […]

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