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Swaying In The Wind

By Heather / April 5, 2017

As I was walking in the woods I came upon one tree that was swaying in the wind when all the rest were standing still.  So I asked him why he was the only one moving while all the rest were silent and this is the story he told. When I was young and growing […]


Just “BEING” Me

By Heather / March 30, 2017

I was thinking about beliefs today as I walking and I’ve come to the conclusion that someone just make up the concept and we all bought into it and now that we have them, we all want to get rid of them. I did a search on the internet on limiting beliefs and everyone has […]


There Is Beauty In The Buds

By Heather / March 23, 2017

It’s spring here on the west coast and after a cool (for us cold) winter. We actually got snow which is almost unheard of here and the trees and bushes are starting to display buds which are threatening to burst into bloom. The buds are tight and compact. Waiting to see if it’s safe to […]


Lessons From The Holly Tree

By Heather / March 20, 2017

As I was walking I kept seeing wild holly trees along the path.  One, in particular, caught my attention as it seemed to be glowing more than the others.  As I reached over to touch it my hand brushed by the old leaves that were hard and spiky and they pricked my hand. I reached […]

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