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Pileated Woodpecker – A Backyard First

By Heather / July 3, 2020

Over the past few days, I’ve had a Pileated Woodpecker show up at my suet feeder. I’ve never had one in my backyard before and have very rarely seen them around on the island although I know they stay here all year long. The ones that I’ve seen before have been at higher altitudes and […]


How To Catch A Bald Eagle

By Heather / June 5, 2020

I know the title says “How To Catch A Bald Eagle” but I’m not physically capturing one, except with a camera. Because… it is illegal to capture a Bald Eagle with anything else. Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, it is illegal to do just about anything that involves eagles both dead and […]


Daily Photo – Spring Arrival of The Black-Headed Grosbeak

By Heather / May 12, 2020

Very exciting day! The spring arrival of the black-headed grosbeak. Like the rufous hummingbirds, I wait for them with anticipation wondering will they will show up this year. Normally they are very skittish and if you move by a window in the house or open the door they disappear. They don’t just disappear, I can […]


Daily Photo – Innocence

By Heather / May 11, 2020

This dear little Inca dove always reminds me of total innocence. According to Webster it means: Innocence means you’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve broken no laws, committed no sins, and are not guilty of any morally evil act. Oxford says: The notion of innocence refers to children’s simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by […]


Daily Photo – After The Bath

By Heather / May 10, 2020

This dark-eyed junco spent the winter with us and one day when the sun came out I caught him taking a bath. I love watching birds take a bath. They take such joy in the process and I find most of the birds will bathe every day or even twice a day. I have a […]


Daily Photo – Hummingbird and Rosemary

By Heather / May 9, 2020

The rosemary is out in bloom and it’s a wonderful source of food for the hummingbirds especially when a lot of other flowers aren’t out yet. I have a lovely large bush of this aromatic plant (5 ft high x 4 ft wide) and most dinner usually have rosemary in them. The smell is wonderful […]


Daily Photo – Birth Mother

By Heather / April 28, 2020

Yesterday at the birdbath there appeared not one brown-headed cowbird but two. Why am I telling you this? Because… I wasn’t very happy. Now, most birds I welcome into my backyard giving them food and water but it’s hard to be selective about the birds you bring in. First, there are the starlings in the […]


Daily Photo – My What Long Eyelashes You Have

By Heather / April 27, 2020

Besides the punk haircut, the ostrich has the most gorgeous eyes and eyelashes. They are the kind that those of us with very little eye covering dream about. We go to a great extent (no pun intended) to plump and increase the length of our lashes. But I’m sorry ladies… the ostrich can bat their […]


Daily Photo – Swan Song

By Heather / April 18, 2020

Swan Song meaning: Someone’s swan song is the last time that they do something for which they are famous, for example, the last time that an actor gives a performance in the theatre. Little did I know that when I took this picture that those words would be so true. Mute swans were a regular […]


Daily Photo – Splish Splash

By Heather / April 16, 2020

Splish Splash I was taking a bath… I love it when the robins return in the spring and grace my backyard again. With their burnt orange chest and a cheery song they light up the grass as they hunt for worms. But the one thing that I really enjoy is their absolute delight in taking […]

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