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DIY – How To Keep Hummingbird Feeders From Freezing!

March 9, 2019

We were heading out on holidays for two weeks and the west coast was heading into it’s worse weather in years. It was actually freezing here which is unusual by itself, but now it was going to go down to -7 C (20 F) and I needed to find a way to keep the hummingbird […]


A Todos Santos Kind Of Day

February 20, 2019

Today was a Todos Santos kind of day. Sleep in, wander into town (about 6 blocks) and found a place for breakfast. Actually, we went to the same place that we had been to before as it was so good. I keep forgetting to mention that half of the restaurant has a dirt floor and we’ve […]


Dancing The Night Away in Todos Santos

February 19, 2019

Tonight we spent dancing the night away in Todos Santos. It wasn’t what we had planned on doing. We had planned on staying in La Paz for the day but hey… plans change. As I mentioned yesterday the hotel that we stayed in last night was lovely and so another night was in order. I looked […]


The Day The Cactus Wrens Came For Breakfast

February 13, 2019

Overcast morning as we were on the deck drinking our morning orange juice the cactus wrens came for breakfast. All of a sudden they were there, hopping up on the tables and eating the scraps that had been left behind. It was so much fun to watch as they strolled from plate to plate looking […]


Casa Grande Downtime Day

November 27, 2018

Today was a Casa Grande downtime day. We did very little today. I looked online to see if there were any birding areas around here and found two of them. One was a reservoir and the other was towards a mountain trail. Looking at the map the reservoir was also near the Casa Grande Ruins […]


Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

November 24, 2018

Looking around Blythe for highlights of the area this one caught my eye… Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. Again this meant we have to backtrack about half an hour. It is just south of Palo Verde but on the other side of the Columbia River in Arizona. You notice a lot more in daylight than travelling at […]


San Jose del Cabo, Mexico to Indio, CA

November 21, 2018

How did we get from San Jose del Cabo, Mexico to Indio, CA you ask? Well, we left Buena Vista Beach Resort on Monday to go to the airport. Had a lovely breakfast overlooking the ocean on the outside deck before we left. Listening to the waves on the beach and drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. We […]


Buena Vista Beach Resort

November 20, 2018

Yesterday we ended up at Buena Vista Beach Resort and it was everything we hoped for in a hotel and more. When we headed up to the hot spring pool Rob was wearing his cowboy hat and a fellow that was already there said: “hey… are you from Texas”? Turns out they were and one of them […]


My Backyard Has Gone To The Birds

August 17, 2018

I have been wildlife gardening in my backyard without even know it. The definition of wildlife gardening according to Wikipedia – “A wildlife garden is an environment created by a gardener that serves as a sustainable haven for surrounding wildlife.” It goes on to say: Building a successful garden suitable for local wildlife is best accomplished […]

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