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Visit From A Cedar Waxwing

By Heather / July 28, 2020

Sitting in my office today I glanced out the window and saw a hairy woodpecker. I immediately grabbed my camera as there are mainly downy woodpeckers in the yard and I only get a hairy maybe once a year. Heading out the door and startling all the birds, I found a chair and sat quietly […]


A Western Tanager Found The Suet Bar

By Heather / July 15, 2020

As I was sitting at my desk this morning I took a moment to look out the window and to my amazement a male western tanager landed on the suet. I quickly grabbed my camera (which I keep by my desk for just these occasions) and quickly snapped a couple of photos through the window. […]


It’s Huckleberry Time!

By Heather / July 14, 2020

In my garden, I have a huckleberry bush specifically for the birds. I keep hoping it will keep them away from my blueberries and raspberries but hope springs eternal. Looking out my office window I can keep an eye on it and observe the different birds that love the little round red balls that are […]


Pileated Woodpecker – A Backyard First

By Heather / July 3, 2020

Over the past few days, I’ve had a Pileated Woodpecker show up at my suet feeder. I’ve never had one in my backyard before and have very rarely seen them around on the island although I know they stay here all year long. The ones that I’ve seen before have been at higher altitudes and […]


How To Catch A Bald Eagle

By Heather / June 5, 2020

I know the title says “How To Catch A Bald Eagle” but I’m not physically capturing one, except with a camera. Because… it is illegal to capture a Bald Eagle with anything else. Under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, it is illegal to do just about anything that involves eagles both dead and […]


Daily Photo – Spring Arrival of The Black-Headed Grosbeak

By Heather / May 12, 2020

Very exciting day! The spring arrival of the black-headed grosbeak. Like the rufous hummingbirds, I wait for them with anticipation wondering will they will show up this year. Normally they are very skittish and if you move by a window in the house or open the door they disappear. They don’t just disappear, I can […]


Daily Photo – Innocence

By Heather / May 11, 2020

This dear little Inca dove always reminds me of total innocence. According to Webster it means: Innocence means you’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve broken no laws, committed no sins, and are not guilty of any morally evil act. Oxford says: The notion of innocence refers to children’s simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by […]


Daily Photo – After The Bath

By Heather / May 10, 2020

This dark-eyed junco spent the winter with us and one day when the sun came out I caught him taking a bath. I love watching birds take a bath. They take such joy in the process and I find most of the birds will bathe every day or even twice a day. I have a […]


Daily Photo – Hummingbird and Rosemary

By Heather / May 9, 2020

The rosemary is out in bloom and it’s a wonderful source of food for the hummingbirds especially when a lot of other flowers aren’t out yet. I have a lovely large bush of this aromatic plant (5 ft high x 4 ft wide) and most dinner usually have rosemary in them. The smell is wonderful […]


Daily Photo – Birth Mother

By Heather / April 28, 2020

Yesterday at the birdbath there appeared not one brown-headed cowbird but two. Why am I telling you this? Because… I wasn’t very happy. Now, most birds I welcome into my backyard giving them food and water but it’s hard to be selective about the birds you bring in. First, there are the starlings in the […]

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