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Daily Photo – Singing Out Loud

By Heather / March 30, 2020

The marsh wrens are singing out loud as they gear up for the spring mating season. Standing on the tallest cattail they can find in the marsh, they belt out a tune that can be heard long before you see them. Taking no notice of anyone or anything other than finding a mate and building […]


Boating on Patagonia Lake

By Heather / January 23, 2020

It’s the last day of our trip and we went boating on Patagonia Lake. But the birding started in the parking lot of our hotel in Tombstone. While Rob was on the phone with the office I took the opportunity to check out the little birds fluttering in the trees around the hotel. Jackpot! A […]


Sandhill Cranes In The Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

By Heather / January 22, 2020

We found the Sandhill cranes in the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area today and it was amazing. Starting from Tombstone and headed to the Whitewater Draw along Davis Road took us twice as long as it should. It is hawk central along this road and we saw Red-tailed, Swainson’s and Harris Hawks and the photo opportunities […]


Hanging Around Key Largo

By Heather / January 18, 2020

This afternoon we spent hanging around Key Largo. I say afternoon because the morning was spent sleeping in, having breakfast, laying by the pool and waiting for our new room to be ready. We wanted a room by the pool with a king bed instead of one upstairs with a queen and we had to […]


How Far Would You Travel For Lunch?

By Heather / January 17, 2020

How far would you travel for lunch? Today we found out the answer! We spent the morning sleeping in and hanging around as it was raining. The weather cleared up a bit in the afternoon so we headed out for lunch. Talking to a lady in the parking lot she recommended a place called Lazy […]


Fun In The Florida Everglades

By Heather / January 15, 2020

What a lovely day today having fun in the Florida Everglades. Sun was shining when we left Florida City and as we drove up Hwy 997 to get to Hwy 41 we were surrounded by farms and nurseries. Lots of palms and tropical plants for sale as far as the eye could see. Finally making […]


Off To The Everglades And The Flamingo Visitor Center

By Heather / January 14, 2020

We were off to the Everglades and the Flamingo Visitor Center today. And although there are flamingos that are native to Florida they are only in specific pockets in the south of Florida. They are occasionally seen in the area we are heading but they are more of a rarity than the norm. I didn’t […]


Road Trip Down The Florida Keys

By Heather / January 14, 2020

Today we did a road trip down the Florida Keys. Where we are staying is at the entrance to the keys so we thought we would pack up and maybe stay at Key West for the night. I did look up hotel prices before we left and most of them are over $200 but we […]


Florida City and Key Largo

By Heather / January 13, 2020

Today we travelled to Florida City and Key Largo. We slept in, relaxed and had breakfast until the maid was standing at the door at 11 am gesturing us out the door so she could clean the room. And in fact, we only made it about 3 miles down the road to Florida City. It […]

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