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Marbled Godwit – Rare For This Area

September 20, 2017

Finding a marbled godwit is rare sighting for this area. Which means it occurs most years but usually few records per year. One may go for years and never see one and only hear the rumours of one being around. I had to go into Lanford yesterday, so I did a roundabout route and stopped […]


3 Tips To Attract Hummingbirds To Your Yard

August 20, 2017

If these little birds aren’t visiting your yard or if you want to see more of them, here are 3 easy tips to attract hummingbirds to your yard. Over the years I have tried many different methods to attract hummingbirds to my garden and yard and have narrowed them down to these three. ONE This […]


Northern Rough-Winged Swallow Feeding Young

July 26, 2017

Taking a walk at Muir Creek yesterday I was privileged to see a Northern rough-winged swallow feeding young. Hearing a lot of chattering I looked up and there was a Northern rough-winged swallow that had apparently fledged as it was no longer in the nest but was still requiring the parent to feed it. I don’t often […]


Stalking The Rare, Elusive California Quail

July 14, 2017

I did not start out today stalking the rare, elusive California quail, but what can one do when one hears unmistakable quail like noises coming from the underbrush. I looked, I searched and I hunted the noise. I caught momentary glimpses of them in the underbrush.  I took pictures and it was like “where’s Waldo” […]


The Mystery Of The Missing Huckleberries!

June 24, 2017

Sounds like a murder novel… “The Mystery Of The Missing Huckleberries!” But really it’s not. I went out to pick some huckleberries to make some jam or muffins from our huckleberry bush and found that all the ripe ones were gone. Disappeared completely only leaving the unripened ones to pick. So leaving them on the […]


Having Lunch With A Great Blue Heron

June 16, 2017

Today I was blessed with having lunch with a great blue heron. It was a rainy morning and I felt like I hadn’t been out of the house in 3 days and then this afternoon the sun dissolved the clouds along with the help of a brisk wind and I could see blue skies. Dropping […]


We Have Babies!!

June 13, 2017

We have babies!! California quail babies that is. Well technically they are chicks, but it feels like we’ve had a part in their becoming so they’re babies. Did I mention I am excited? That’s because due to a brush pile that Rob created last fall we’ve had quail living just outside the front door all […]


Drive By Shootings Don’t Always End In Disaster!

June 6, 2017

As a photographer, drive by shootings don’t always end in disaster. In fact… you can get some of your best shots with a drive-by shooting. Birds don’t see a vehicle as a threat, so usually if you stop and turn off the engine, they will just keep going about their business as usual. Which makes […]


Birdwatching From The Front Deck

May 25, 2017

As I’ve been working in the garden and haven’t had the chance to go out in the field so am doing my birdwatching from the front deck. When I’m hot and tired from working in the garden and yard I take a break by sitting on the front deck and watching the birds at the […]

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