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Daily Photo – Before Insulation

By Heather / May 2, 2020

Once upon a time in the west people came across the USA walking, on horseback, wagon train, stagecoach or by whatever means they could. Hearing that there was good grazing in Southern New Mexico, people claimed sections of grasslands and started to ranch. After living on the road for months or even years on end, […]


Daily Photo – Banana Slug

By Heather / May 1, 2020

I saw this banana slug while we were camping and I watch it carefully as it rushed (as only a slug can) toward a deadly mushroom. When I say deadly, it would kill a human if ingested but to the slug, it was pure ambrosia. As it slithered toward the fungi on a slimy trail […]


Daily Photo – Tide’s Out

By Heather / April 30, 2020

Flying over the west coast of Vancouver Island gives one a whole new perspective. The trees look like miniatures made for a hobby railway and the seaweed just before the waterline looks like a rusty ring around the tub. The green tinge of the sand and shallows that make everything look like its been iced […]


Daily Photo – Halo Violet

By Heather / April 29, 2020

This luscious little beauty is called a Halo Violet. Well actually it has a few names – Viola cornuta ‘Halo Violet’ (Horned Violet) to name a few. The gardening books say it’s a compact perennial that is sought after for its large dark violet-blue flowers with bright yellow centres and fragrant petals. It grows best […]


Daily Photo – Birth Mother

By Heather / April 28, 2020

Yesterday at the birdbath there appeared not one brown-headed cowbird but two. Why am I telling you this? Because… I wasn’t very happy. Now, most birds I welcome into my backyard giving them food and water but it’s hard to be selective about the birds you bring in. First, there are the starlings in the […]


Daily Photo – My What Long Eyelashes You Have

By Heather / April 27, 2020

Besides the punk haircut, the ostrich has the most gorgeous eyes and eyelashes. They are the kind that those of us with very little eye covering dream about. We go to a great extent (no pun intended) to plump and increase the length of our lashes. But I’m sorry ladies… the ostrich can bat their […]


Daily Photo – Spring Nautilus

By Heather / April 26, 2020

The Nautilus is considered to be a living fossil and has little changed in the past 500 million years. Its chambers on the inside of its shell form a spiral if you cut it in half. This spiral is one of the oldest known symbols in written history and you will find it appear on […]


Daily Photo – Turning A Blind Eye

By Heather / April 25, 2020

Turning a blind eye he watches everything in the garden. Through sightless eyes, he “sees” the world around him. Experiencing the wonders of nature with unseeing eyes he connects to all that surrounds him. He feels the first drops of rain beginning to fall and can tell when the temperature shifts and the snow begins […]


Daily Post – Clothesline

By Heather / April 24, 2020

Every spring I wait in anticipating for when (a) it’s not raining and (b) when the sun hits the clothesline. These are the happy days of spring. After having clothes hanging on racks in our living room all winter (yes we do have a dryer) it’s so nice to fold up the rack and put […]


Daily Post – Snake In The Grass

By Heather / April 23, 2020

This northwestern garter snake is literally a snake in the grass. Not to be confused with a sneaky person who appears harmless or even friendly but in fact, is treacherous. I was out taking pictures of birds one hot summer day when a robin attracted my attention. He was hopping around in a frantic manner […]

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