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Daily Photo – My Spring Is Here

By Heather / March 25, 2020

For me, spring arrives when the rufous hummingbirds find their way into my backyard after their long journey from the south. A couple of males arrive first, then the females and the nesting starts. After having to recharge the feeders one a week in the winter it now becomes a daily delight as I watch […]


Daily Photo – Fog In The Valley

By Heather / March 24, 2020

This is one of my favourite photographs. Fog in the valley An hour after I took this photo the valley sparkled in the light. The sun had hit the landscape erasing away all signs of the fog. Leaving only blue mountains, green trees and sparkling water. From mysterious to the known. For humans, as the […]


Daily Photo – New Beginnings

By Heather / March 23, 2020

As I walked out into the yard this morning the sun touched the petals of this emerging tulip. It spends its winters deep in the ground. Nestled in the earth. Waiting. Waiting for the ground to unthaw and warm up. Waiting for the moment when the earth says “all is well, it’s time to wake […]


Daily Photo – Shine Your Light

By Heather / March 22, 2020

One day while out walking and contemplating life I chanced to look up and capture all the colours of the rainbow. As the rays of the rainbow hit the earth, everything in its beam glimmered with an intense brilliance and lite up. Like shining a flashlight on a dark night. It touched the trees and […]


Daily Photo – Can You See?

By Heather / March 21, 2020

Sometimes we feel like we are between a rock and a hard place which can make you feel tight, tense and closed down. Other times we are trying to keep our heads above the water like the stones that are dry on top and wet below. And like the rocks, we can get a distorted […]


Daily Photo – Reflections

By Heather / March 20, 2020

Just like life, reflections are there for us to look at. See the log that is hardened and weathered over time. It is sturdy and moss ridden with knobs and bumps… just like life. In the reflection, the log waivers and is a little distorted and melds together as we try and distance ourselves from […]


Daily Photo

By Heather / March 20, 2020

I was looking for a way to be of service during the situation the world finds itself in and being a photographer the thought came to me that maybe I could support people visually. My pictures are mainly of nature and birds and the great outdoors. With a lot of people being indoor or off […]

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